How can you bypass activation on an iPhone 4S without having to dial an emergency number?

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How do you dial without revealing your own number?

Dial a caller ID block code before the phone number. In the USA, dial *67 proceeding the number. In the UK, dial 141. So for example if you need to call 212-555-5555, Dial *67-212-555-555 instead. Your caller will see a message that says "caller ID blocked."

What is the 4S in the iPhone 4S?

The 4s just means it is the fourth generation of the iphones. The "S" on the 4s just simply means siri which is the new technology on the iphone. It is like the phone helping service.

Can you track iPhone without having a sim card?

No! Then to be sure you need to clear it and turn it off and not use it for a while

How do you activate an iPhone without iTunes?

iTunes is not required to activate the 4 or 4s. Insert SIM and turn on and follow the prompts.

How do you get an iPhone without having AT and T?

Do what i did, buy your friends from them and have them call in for a lost/stolen phone and they'll get a new one for free.

If you do the gastric bypass diet without having the surgery will you die?

Gastric bypass is really recommended for people who have undergone the procedure. People with normal stomach size will not die, but will have difficult times if they do the said diet.

How do you bypass the activation block when jailbreaking iPhone?

well jailbreaking tools like sn0wbreeze gives you the oppurtunity to activate iphone but since if you want to jailbreak on ios 4.0.1 using jailbreakme then follow these steps you will need a phone book sim put the phone book sim in the iphone, plug into the computer open up itunes and there done

Is the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5?

Original answer by WhiteDoves Edited by Tristan Howell Answer 1: Yes. The iPhone 4S is the fifth generation of the iPhone product,but it is not called "iPhone 5". Answer 2: No, iPhone 4S is the improved version of the iPhone 4. The onlydifference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S is the internalsand Siri, Apple's personal assistant. Many people were disappointeddue to the fact that they thought it would be named iPhone 5. It isthe fifth generation of the iPhone product, but Apple has decidednot to name it iPhone 5.

Why is the iPhone 5 called iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 are two different products. Each apple iPhone comes in different levels, like economy and luxury. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are essentially the same phone, but the 4S has more features (like Siri and a higher pixel camera). The iPhone 5 comes in three level, the 5C (economy), 5 (standard), and 5S (luxury).

Can you upgrade your iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S?

Absolutely Not.You can't upgrade an iphone 4 to iphone 4s!This isabsolutely impossible!The iPhone 4s is an other created device fromApple wich as the A5 Chip,while iPhone 4 has the A4 Chip!

What should you get iPhone 4S or iPhone 4?

I think an iPhone 4s because it has Siri. It's very easy to use and is also better than an iPhone 4. It's faster and includes more features. In general, I believe the iPhone 4s is better, but in all reality, which one you should get depends if you would actually use all the better features of the iPhone 4s. If you want best quality videos and photos, if you need a personal assistant(Siri), or if you need more than 8 Gb of space on your iPhone(for all your apps, music, movies, photos, and such), then you will want to purchase the iPhone 4s. Keep in mind that the iPhone 4 is not in production with more memory than 8 Gb, but through the Internet(eBay, Amazon, or other sites as such) you may be able to find an iPhone with more memory.

Can you charge and iPhone without being activated?

the answer, unfortunately, is no!! that's the reason smart people haven't taken all the country's money.. yet. if u can top up with out activating your card/ paper that u get it won't be automaticly deactivated, so you can just top up as many time as u want, just for 10 pounds!!

How do you activate an iPhone 4S?

To activate your iPhone you need to ensure that you've inserted your sim card, installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone via the charging/USB cable provided with your iPhone and connect it to a free USB slot on your computer. Your computer will or should recognise the new hardware and iTunes should automatically open. Once this happens you will be prompted via iTunes to register your iPhone. Follow all the steps to register your iPhone. You will then be given the opportunity to copy all music, photos and video's etc onto your iPhone, select from the options what you want to be copied to your phone. It is important to remember that what you copy to your phone will reduce the available memory of your phone, which can limit other things you might want to download and store on your phone such as apps.

Is anyone else having problems with voice recognition software or siri on their iPhone 4S?

I have settings for the Siri on uk and the Siri will not pick up any locations in the ul only in the us but the Siri settings are on the language in the uk wondering whether u could help many thanks :)

Which is better the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S?

There are more features but dont think its the iphone 5. The 4s has a better camera and more storage. It also surfs faster, and loads apps quicker than the iphone 4.

Can you get the software from the iPhone 4S for the iPhone 4?

Not really as there is differences in the operating software and different hardware on bother versions of the iPhone.

How do you activate an iPhone 4S sim?

U can't do it urself, I had to go to radio shack to do that

Which is better an iPhone or iPhone 4S?

Technically, when you say iPhone, you are refferrring to the 2g which is not longer sold in stores. If you were asking about the 4 and 4S, then here are some new features the 4 does not have. . twice as fast A5 processor that never crashes with iOS 5 . Siri (English, French, German, and Japanese so far) . 8mp back facing camera (compared to 5mp) . 1080p video (compared to 720p) . video stabilization . two antennas for better connectivity

Should the iPhone 4S be kept without a case?

If you want to protect your phone and it's future price in the second hard market should yo wish to sell it in the future, it is best to keep your handset in a protective case. In general its best to take care of your stuff in any event, a protected product will always last longer and have little if any damage to it.

How do you track an iPhone 4 with an iPhone 4S?

You have to put a small tacking chip in the sim card and download an app on your 4s to track it

What are the red numbers on applications in iPhone 4S?

Those are the number of notifications for that particular App. For instance a 5 on Mail would indicate 5 new emails.

Is an iPhone 4S better or an iPhone 4G?

There no such phone as an iPhone 4G, only a 4, a 4S, a 3G and a 3-GS

Can you download iTunes to your iPhone 4S without using a PC?

Yes you can there is an icon that says iTunes u click on it then it brings up music you go down where it says redeem and you click on iTunes account and then u are set to get music from there

What can the iPhone 4S do?

It has two cameras(one on the back & one facing you)(it has auto flash where you can turn it on & off)(you can change from camera to video) You can email, message, assign to contacts, use as wallpaper, tweet, and/or print your pictures! You can cut, copy, and paste messages. Sell correction. When messaging, tells you when "..." are typing. You can find your location and search your surroundings. Create folder (in one square, you put all of your games in it) You can video chat with friends. Create a contacts folder. App store. & iTunes store. You can talk with your phones

Can you get a iPhone 4S without a contract?

No you may not get an iphone 4s without a contract in some countries. However you can get them without a contract in others. However, the cost of the handset becomes really expensive for up front costs on PAYG.

How much does the iPhone 4S cost without a contract?

Handsets range from £499 upwords in the UK. Like any new phone to the market, the upfront costs of not being on a contract are very expensive.

What does the iPhone 4S do?

The iPhone 4S is a phone that is able to make calls, send and receive text messages, use the internet, use third party applications, such as Instagram and Words with Friends, set reminders, write notes, add meetings/calendar appointments, use Siri and voice dictation, etc.

Can you use an iPhone 4S without a 'SIM Card'?

Yes, you can. You just can't use it to call or SMS. Other than that, you can use normally when your phone is connected to wifi.

Where on the iPhone 4S is the ESN number located?

underneeth the battery, you will need a little drill bit to drill out the screws. carefully take a razor knife and cut the wires on the battery and yank it out. the number lies beneath. get a few wire nuts and splice the wires back. take a couple self drilling screws and screw the back plate back on. easy peezzy jap o neezy

How do you find your iPhone 4S IMEI number?

In telephone mode, dial the following into your screen *#06# You're IMEI number will then be displayed on screen.

How do you activate MMS on iPhone 4S in Oman?

the iPhone 4s should come standard with self activating mms services once the sim card is placed in the phone if still not working go into settings and switch network data on this enables the phone to communicate with the different servers and retrieve mms's from other people as well as you sending mms

Is the black iPhone 4S and white iPhone 4S the same?

Apart from the colours and the different memories you can buy, yes they are the same.

How do you update your iPhone without having it delete everything?

What kind of iPhone are we talking here lol. And you dont have to delete anything. If you don't have iOS 5 already, you need to plug your iPhone into your computer and update it from iTunes, it's quite easy you should be able to do it no problem, if you do have iOS 5 then you just go into settings on your phone find system update and you can do it straight from your phone, assuming a new update is out that you don't have yet. Note: Both of these may take a couple of hours, so be patient. Also don't unplug your iPhone early if you do it from iTunes or you WILL lose your apps, wait until it is one 100% finished. Just one more thing, depending on how old your iPhone is, you might not be able to update at all, if you have at least a 3GS, you should be fine. Hope this helped ;)

How much does an iPhone 4S cost without contract?

If u do not want to buy the phone with a contract like verizon or at&t u will pay about 600 to 900 dollars depending on the ammount of space (16, 32, 64 gb)

How do you transfer a number from a Blackberry Curve phone to the iPhone 4S?

It depends on the cellphone provider. If its the same they'll usually offer to do so with a small machine. No matter the state of the phone. If you bought them with different providers you might just have to program them in manually. Or they might charge you a small fee to transfer your address book.

Why do you have to buy a two year contract to activate your iPhone 4s?

You don't have to have a 2 year contract. You can use an iPhone 4s as a pay as you go phone. However, if you want to get a discounted price on the iPhone, you'll probably need to sign a contract for a couple of years. Otherwise you'll have to pay full price (about $500, I think) for the phone. The carrier subsidizes the cost of the phone (either partially or completely) for people who sign contracts and makes it up over the course of the contract.

Does an iPhone 4S work without a sim card?

Depends on what you mean by "work." . If you mean "Play games, surf the web, and use e-mail on a Wifi network," then yes. But then, all you have is an expensive iPod Touch. . If you mean "Make calls, send SMS messages, and use the 3G or 4G network," then no. All current iPhones require a SIM card; even Verizon phones due to the 4G LTE network. Other Verizon phones which use only the CDMA network don't need a SIM, but any 4G smartphone will have one.

How do you activate the wifi network on iPhone 4S?

You have to get the number off the back of the router and type it in as your password

What is the model number for an iPhone 4S?

These are the current iPhone 4S US model numbers that I have found as well as a few sample international models. USA: Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White AT&T MC920LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black AT&T MC918LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 32GB White AT&T MC921LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Black AT&T MC919LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 64GB White AT&T MD271LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Black AT&T MD269LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White Verizon MD277LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black Verizon MD276LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 32GB White Verizon MD279LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Black Verizon MD278LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 64GB White Verizon MD281LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Black Verizon MD280LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White Sprint MD378LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black Sprint MD377LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 32GB White Sprint MD380LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Black Sprint MD379LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 64GB White Sprint MD382LL/A Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Black Sprint MD381LL/A USA Officially Unlocked iPhone 4S: iPhone 4S - Unlocked (GSM) - 16GB Black Unlocked MD234LL/A iPhone 4S - Unlocked (GSM) - 32GB Black Unlocked MD241LL/A iPhone 4S - Unlocked (GSM) - 64GB Black Unlocked MD257LL/A iPhone 4S - Unlocked (GSM) - 16GB White Unlocked MD237LL/A iPhone 4S - Unlocked (GSM) - 32GB White Unlocked MD244LL/A iPhone 4S - Unlocked (GSM) - 64GB White Unlocked MD260LL/A International Examples: CANADA: Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Black MD241C/A UK: Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Black MD242B/A Australia: Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Black MD241X/A Incoming search terms: . mc924ll . mc918ll . iphone 4s serial number . MC918LL/A . iphone 4s model number . md377ll . MC920LL . mc920ll/a . mc919ll . md242b .

Which is better white iPhone 4s or black iPhone 4s?

I'm pretty sure that the white version of the Apple iPhone 4S would be better than the black version of the Apple iPhone 4S because the black iPhone 4S is known for getting hotter much faster than the white iPhone 4S, and you can see the white iPhone 4S much easier than the black iPhone 4S. The price is the same for both iPhone 4S models. You can get both models of the iPhone 4S at Best Buy from $50-$200, depending on if you do or don't have a new 2-year contact or not. If you have Virgin Mobile (which I don't recommend), the iPhone 4S is $450 (very expensive, not worth it). I'd recommend either iPhone 4S model if you don't have a lot of money and don't like a larger screen (iPhone 5).

How can you dial a cell phone number without being traced?

You can dial *67 and then the number, and your number will show up as "unknown."

How do you determine what iTunes version number installed on my iPhone 4S?

iTunes is a software that you install on your computer. You can find out which version of iTunes you have by pressing Ctrl + b and clicking Help and then About iTunes. If you are looking for the version of your iPhone's iOS, then you go into Settings, tap General, and tap About.

How do you activate the flash light in iPhone 4s?

To activate the flashlight, you have to get a flashlight app, in the app store. Then, you just turn the wheel (in my app you have to do that) and the light automatically turns on. In the iPod the screen acts as the flashlight.

If there is an emergency what are some important numbers to just dial?

Probably it depends on what emergency, and what country in the world people are in, but in the United States of America, 9-1-1, 1-1-0 are just some of the important ones.

Does ATandT have the iphone 4s without a monthly play?

AT&T does not offer the iPhone 4S without a monthly plan. There are pay as you go options for text messaging starting for 10 cents a text. However, the iPhone 4S has iMessaging which does not count towards text messaging.

How much money does the Apple iPhone 4s without contract cost when it is brand new?

You can get the iPhone 4s in the Apple store or the homepage with 16 GB memory, unlocked and without contract for 549.00 $. But that is the prize without extras.

How do you activate an iPhone 5 without a sim card?

you need a Connection to activate it. in other words, you cant you could try and buy a (cheap) prepaid sim card of the sameprovider that the iphone does support.

Can you switch from a 3g iPhone to another 3g iPhone without having to activate the other one?

Only if the iphone is a GSM phone with a SIM card... Otherwise if it is CDMA then no, you have to activate the other iphone.

Can apple upgrade your iPhone 4s to iPhone 5 for free if your having a lot of problems with iPhone 4s?

No, they will however fix or replace it if you're under warrenty.Depending on your carrier however, you may get a discount toupgrade to the Iphone 5 if it can't be fixed. I know AT&T willgive a discount if it's broken, not sure about if you're justhaving problems. I also don't know what other carriers will do.

Which telephone number can one dial to get an emergency electrician?

There are many telephone numbers a person can dial to get an emergency electrician. In an extreme emergency situation even dialing the local authorities is a great place to call.