Can you check text messages online?

Answer for most carriers you can. i don't know how to check it for metro but i have had success with at&t,cingualr,sprint,verizon,virgin mobile.some only show numbers to&fr (MORE)

How do you check your text messages on a blackberry?

1. Go onto the home screen. 2. make sure you click on the bar so that all the small icons appear. 3. Look for the graphic of a rectangle with lines on the bottom with a spee (MORE)

How do you check his text messages?

you don't...that's the same as reading someones mail...probably not illegal, but you shouldn't do it..its a huge invasion of privacy, how would you feel if he started doing th (MORE)

How do you check somones text messages online?

You can't. If you are a parent reading this and you tell your child that you can..... GIVE THEM SOME PRIVACY! Its none of your buisness what your kids say to their friends or (MORE)