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How do you copy contact of iPhone to PC?

How to Back Up Contacts with iTunes Step 1: Connect iOS device to computer >Open iTunes if doesn't pop up automatically > Click the iOSdevice name on the top right corner (b (MORE)
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How do you text on a iPhone?

You enter the Messages app, enter a conversation or start a new one using the button in the top right. To start the conversation, type in a number or contact name and selct th (MORE)

How do you text on an iPhone?

The messages app, open it, add a contact or type a phone number in the top part and in the bottom type your message. SEND
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Is s4 a copy of iPhone 5?

It is simply this: both phones (the iPhone and Galaxy S series) are copies of each other. You can defend that the iPhone was released a year earlier (not like that matters too (MORE)