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How can you distinguish between living organisms and nonliving materials in a water sample?

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Two characteristics of living organism that distinguish them from nonliving things?

Basic characteristics that distinguish living and non living things are many.They include 1 cells , 2 DNA or genetic material , 3 reproduction , 4 metabolism , 5 use of energy

What is the difference between living and nonliving organisms Characteristics or traits?

  Answer   You have eucaryotic procaryotic and viral cells. Procaryotic cells are primitive cells with hardly any organelles. eucaryotic cell are modern living c

What is answer in Explain the difference between living organisms dead organisms and nonliving things?

1-Living organism are things that have not yet died. They will permanently transform into dead organisms at some point. 2-Dead organism were once alive (living organisms) an

Distinguish between a living organism and non living object?

  All things that are living hare certain characteristics. These are:     Metabolism (taking in and using energy, and getting rid of waste)   Reproduction (creat

How do you determine if something is living or nonliving and what are some qualities of living organisms and like how are they distinguished from nonliving things?

You can determine if something is living or nonliving by these simple things: 1. They have to be able to reproduce, either asexually or sexually. 2. They have to be able to r

Is soil a nonliving or living organism?

nonliving , but has stuff that are living inside such as inscet's ,arthropods; bacteria; cicada killers ; (insects such as) nematodes; protozoa such as amoebae. but generally
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Is virus a living or nonliving organism?

Viruses are not an organism at all. They are not alive. They are nonliving. They are like cockle burrs that "grab" hold of your clothing or a dog’s coat. They are hijackers
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Does organic mean living or nonliving?

Materials that are "organic" have been created by living things, such as leaves, wood, cotton cloth, and coral. In some cases, they may consist of compounds that also exist in
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Can organic material be made by nonliving things?

Yes. Given the proper mixtures of carbon dioxide, water, ammonia, etc., you can add heat or an electric spark (energy), and get stable organic molecules, such as amino acids q