How can you find the phone number for Ace Electronics in a File named phone that contains a list of names and phone numbers?

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How do you find a cell phone number with only a name?

It probably isn't possible unless the person is registered in the whitepages. As a salesperson at a large phone company, the privacy laws forbid us to give out any details o (MORE)
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Online Phone Books of Cell Numbers

It used to be easy to grab the nearest phone book and look up the phone number of your neighbor or the parent of your child's new school friend. Many people now use only a cel (MORE)

Free Online Cell Phone Number Search

When you receive a call from a number you don't recognize, you might be curious to know who was one the other end. A cell phone number search can make it possible to trace the (MORE)
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The world of 555 phone numbers: Fact or fiction?

It has been a vexing problem for writers for years. How do you insert a phone number for fictional characters in a movie without generating a flood of unwanted calls to very n (MORE)
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5 Features of Google Voice with Your Google Phone Number

Google is a popular search engine to find websites that also offers email, chat, and phone capabilities. The phone service in particular is called Google Voice. This is a free (MORE)

Is There a Do Not Call List for Cell Phone Numbers?

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Find a phone number?

Use a phone book, use the internet and do a search for the white pages (people) or yellow pages (business).

How do i find company name with phone number?

There are "reverse directory" websites that will provide this information in many countries. You can also try just typing the phone number in on a search engine.
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What is a phone number?

A telephone number is essentially your address within the telephone  system. As with a postal address, it contains several layers of  information. Your telephone number cons (MORE)