How can you find your sealed adoption records to find your biological parents?

I have collected many stories of my birth parents. they are both not alive, that is of the reason I was adopted by a family that is not related to my birth parents. I want clo (MORE)

How can you find your biological parents if you're adopted?

The best way to start would be by asking your adoptive parents if they know the names of your birth parents. If they don't, then ask them if they will help you find them. But (MORE)

Do adopted children have the right to find their biological parents?

Yes, every child has the rights to find their biological parents. For an instance their health. It's for the child to decide, give them a chance to decide for themselves. W (MORE)

Can your adopted parents withhold information about your biological mother?

Generally, this is a state legal issue. Find the age after which the adopted child can search for a biological parent in the state where you live. It is important for a child (MORE)