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How do you copy a PlayStation 1 game?

You can use "dd" with OS X or Linux or use Toast Titanium or something. They're only data disks and AFAIK they're not encrypted.

How do you copy a ps2 game to CD?

The majority of PS2 games are on DVD. There are a few on CD and a few that are on Dual Layer DVD but the majority are just on regular DVD's. Not to mention even if you make a copy of the game you will have to make an alteration to it so it reads the disk.

How do you obtain a copy of 'The Newlywed Game' which aired on January of 1973?

Answer . I would really like to know b/c I am looking for an episode that aired in 1996 or 1997. A friend of mine was in it and he won't show us the tape. I really would like to know.

Where to copy the downloaded game on psp?

Answer . you need to have a eboot.pbp file then you got to the ms0 folder open it then click on psp then open game then make a new folder and name it as SOFT1 orif that doesnot work name it in the name of the game then copy your gaME INTO IT AND put eboot.pbp into it.

How do you fix copied video games?

Answer . Copying video games with mod chips or any illegal device is illegal. I won't answer this because this is no different like saying "what is a good way to kill someone and when should i do it?" It's illegal.

Can XBox 360 games be copied?

Possibly. It would be very hard to do. Not to mention it's illegal and it says that right on the disc of most xbox 360 games.

Who was the host of the newlywed game?

This comes direct from 'Wikipedia' . . . . Bob Eubanks is the host that is most often associated with The Newlywed Game . Eubanks hosted all versions except the 1984 ABC version, which Jim Lange hosted; the last season of the 1980s version, which Paul Rodriguez hosted; and the first season of the 1990s version, which Gary Kroeger hosted. The 1997 revival featured a different format than the best known format of the show; after one season of disappointing ratings, Eubanks was brought back to the show as host and co-executive producer and the classic format was revived.. Johnny Jacobs was the voice of The Newlywed Game during its entire 1966-74 and 1977-80 runs, however, Tony McClay subbed for Jacobs on occasion. (A recent discovery of a long lost black and white kinescope episode of The Newlywed Game from July 26, 1966 reveals that before Johnny Jacobs, the announcer who served briefly on this show was Scott Beach, who was Barris' original choice for host of the show, prior to Eubanks' audition.) Jacobs died in 1982, and when the 1980s version surfaced and renamed The All-New Newlywed Game , Rod Roddy was the announcer on the Jim Lange version, Bob Hilton announced from 1985 to 1987, then Charlie O'Donnell took over from 1987 until its cancellation in 1989. John Cramer announced in the '90s.

How can you copy an Xbox 360 game?

The only way to copy Xbox 360 games and play them on your 360 without using a modchip.

Can you copy Xbox 360 games?

You can copy xbox 360 games but people get caught all the time when using copied games or modified hardware when using Xbox Live. You also have too have the right hardware to be able to copy the xbox 360 game and you must have a modified xbox 360 too play them. i do not recommend modifying your xbox 360 though because as soon as you alter the hardware, your warranty is automatically void so you can not return your xbox 360 if it breaks.

Where can you get copies of old TV shows?

You might try the Radio and TV museum in Chicago. You'll have to doa websearch for it since I can't recall it's proper name.

Can you copy games?

Hmm what games? copying games and giving them to people is illegal. But if you're making a backup for yourself then it's ok.

Can you copy ps2 games to a CD?

No because PS2 uses DVD for games. PS1 uses CD, Xbox uses DVD 4Gb, Xbox 360 uses DVD 9Gb, PS3 uses Blu-Ray 25Gb and Wii uses 2Gb Nintendo Optical Disc. To copy PS2 games you need DVD

How do you get a copy of the Nickelodeon game show episode Get the Picture that you were on in 1990?

First, Get the Picture did not premiere until 1991, when both seasons were taped. Second, if you had Nickelodeon GAS, reruns of Get the Picture were airing until the channel was closed December 31, 2007 (or April 2009 for DISH Network subscribers). If you didn't tape your episode then, you'll have to wait until the show is broadcast again or released on DVD.

You were on the family feud How do you get a copy of the show?

Some ideas in order if they dont work move on to the next:. 1. If you were on the show, try asking for a free copy of the episode.. 2. Try asking which season the episode you where in is on and buy it.. 3. Ask when they might air the and record it off tv.

What is the theme song for the TV show Newlyweds?

The song your talking about is called "This I Swear" by Nick Lachey off his album entitled SoulO.

Can xbox360 games be copied?

yes it only works on your xbox360 if you have a modded xbox which i dont recommend

What disk do you use to copy games?

Most games are for consoles designed to prevent software privacy and have areas of the discs not accessible to the non commercial disc burner to prevent copying of the complete disc. The type of discs also varies and for example in the different Playstation gaming devices the PS3 uses Blu-Ray, the PS2 DVD, the Playstation CDs, the PSP a Sony developed UMD, and the PS Vita uses a special PS Vita Memory Card.

Can you copy a PC game that is copyrighted?

Provided you already own a legal copy of the game you can make a "back up" copy for your own use.

Is it against the law to copy games?

You can copy disks if you use them only for personal use; but you cannot sell, lend, or give away any copied disks.

How can you copy and burn a PS3 game?

Without a Blu-ray disc writer you can't and since all games are copyright protected it will not be legal.

Can you copy a video game?

You could copy a video game as long as its on a disk and if you have the right programs on your PC

How did George Takei and husband do on the Newlywed Game?

George Takei and Brad Altman won their appearance on the Celebrity edition of the game show (perhaps with the benefit of 20 years of living together before being able to legally marry) They won $10,000 for their charity, the Japanese-American National Museum.

How do you copy games on roblox?

Go into ROBLOX studio in Start Menu>All Programs>Roblox>Roblox Studio then go to a game (Do not hit play). If the owner has it uncopylocked then there will be a option next to play called play solo. Under play will be a button called edit. Click Edit. when it loads go to File>Publish To Roblox. Then select your place.And if your messed up good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry win on the Newlywed Game?

Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry lost to George Takei and BradAltman on the Celebrity version of the game, on October 13, 2009.

Does game copy wizard work?

Game Copy Wizard does work for most discs. There may be some discs that do not work. However, copying a disc and redistributing it is illegal.

Is copying a CD game illegal?

Yes, it is illegal to copy a computer game. The game is copyright, which means that by law, you are not allowed to copy it. Doing so could result in a lawsuit towards you from the company. They will sue for the maximum amount of money possible.

Can you copy a WiiWare game?

Yes, you can go to Wii options then go to Wii channels then copy it to the SD card.

How do you copy video game?

if by copy, you mean copy the files of the video game, it is quite simple. but be warned, many companies will pursue a copyright infringement lawsuit if they know you are doing this as you do not have the rights to legally reproduce or replicate their IP. onwards then. If it is a computer game, one you have downloaded not an online one. then simply look it up in your computer files. Find the file and right click it for the menu. From there you should be able to click copy to duplicate the files, then paste anywhere to create duplicate files. Its a bit trickier for a console, and i only own an XBOX360 so i would not know if this works for a ps3. get a usb (At least one gig of space and DONT USE ONE WITH IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON IT, IT WILL BE DELETED!) and jack it into the xbox. go to system settings>memory. from there select the usb and click on configure. now that the usb is now usable, open up your hard drive for your xbox and go to the files you want copied. select move and move them into your usb. now simply take the usb and put it in your computer. From there you can open the usb up and simply copy the files just like how you did for a pc game.

What happens if you copy a ps2 game?

The Sony Vice squad will locate the the suspect and quietly, but efficiently, neutralize them.

How do I obtain a copy of The Newlywed Game aired September 22 1966?

Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to at all. Due to tapepractices at the time, television shows were wiped to allow tapereuse, and game shows were especially vulnerable to this practicebecause television executives believed that they wouldn't rerunwell. Very few, if any, early episodes of the show exist.

Can you copy a legal game?

If you have purchased a PlayStation game and want to copy it for personal use such as using it for both your playstations, that is legal. However if you copy a legally purchased game and distribute copies for selling and buying, that is considered illegal.

Was the game Syrnia copied from RuneScape?

I couldn't find much information about Syrnia; but it seems to be newer than RuneScape.

How do you copy games to USB?

Go Into program files and find the game you want to copy then drag or copy it to the usb

Can you copy a game if the copyright has expired?

If the copyright on a game has expired, then it has passed into Public Domain and can be copied, yes. If you are talking about computer games though, keep in mind that depending on country, copyright expires after 50 to 70 years after the death of the last creator, and even then it can be extended. In short, no video game's copyright will have expired, only ones which the creators have freely given up all rights to.

How do you copy a pop cap game?

Well it's kind of a long process 1. Go to C:/Program Files/PopCap Games 2. Copy the folder of the game you want (to a jump drive) 3. Then go into the folder in your jump drive and open up the main executive 4. Then just before the game launches you should see a temporary file open in the folder (that's the license executive) 5. Then click the start button on your keyboard to minimize the game (do it right away while it's loading on the screen) 6. Here's when it gets tricky open task manager open processes tab and find the game in .exe format 7. End the process (the game should still be open) 8. Then go to the hidden file temporary open and rename it to something else (other than the game) 9. Then copy it in the folder again then right click and unhide it 10. Then close out the game minimized then the file should still be there 11. Delete the old executive and replace it with the copied hidden file 12. Then you just copied a pop cap game! 13. Remember that when you copy a game to another computer (after the copied license) to copy the whole game folder! (not just the executive) To updated games that might not let you do this go to here for disk emulation of your pop cap game (or any other disk) Lite Version is free but pro or more is requiring payment

Were to get copied games on roblox?

If a game is uncopylocked, you can copy it by playing the place in edit mode and saving it to your computer. Places that are copylocked cannot be copied. There was once a Roblox glitch that allowed players to copy copylocked places, but it has since been fixed..

How do you copy roblox games?

If it is uncopylocked then hit Play Solo then save the game as whatever you wanna save it as then go to a empty place of yours, open the file up, then save it.

Why can you copy your games to your console?

If your trying to mod you can copy it cause only that savegame is banned if you get caught modding

How many same-sex couples have appeared on the Newlywed Game?

None. The Newlywed Game has been exclusively heterosexual and no reason has been given for this.

Were to find a copy of hunger games?

The library,, or if you have a kindle/ nook from the store located on the kindle/ nook

In what year did the Newlywed Game tv show first air?

The television game-show series "The Newlywed Game" originally aired in 1964. The long-running game-show series was hosted by Bob Eubanks, and ran until 1974.

What game did Minecraft copy?

Minecraft started out as Cave Game, back then it was just an idea, minecraft just expanded not really copying any other games.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Newlywed Game - 2010?

The cast of The Newlywed Game - 2010 includes: Eulala Reynolds as Bride (2011) Sherri Shepherd as Herself - Host

What actors and actresses appeared in The Newlywed Game - 2009?

The cast of The Newlywed Game - 2009 includes: Brad Aldous as Himself - Announcer Aswad Ali as himself Rob Bonfiglio as Himself - Contestant Nicole Brewer as herself Adrianne Curry as herself Bob Eubanks as Himself - Host Damien Gurganious as himself Christopher Knight as himself Danny Knutson as Himself - Contestant Gary Kroeger as Himself - Announcer Natasha Neely as herself Jessica Rider as herself Daniel Rutherford as Himself - Contestant Jennica Schwartzman as herself Brad Takei as himself George Takei as himself Carnie Wilson as Herself - Contestant Marilyn Wilson as Herself - Contestant Carnie Wilson as Herself - Host

What actors and actresses appeared in The Newlywed Game - 1966?

The cast of The Newlywed Game - 1966 includes: Scott Beach as Announcer (1966) Bob Eubanks as Host (1966-1974) Johnny Jacobs as Announcer (1966-1974)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Newlywed Game - 1977?

The cast of The Newlywed Game - 1977 includes: Bob Eubanks as Host (1977-1980) Johnny Jacobs as Announcer (1977-1980) Tony McClay as Substitute announcer

What actors and actresses appeared in The Newlywed Game - 1996?

The cast of The Newlywed Game - 1996 includes: John Cramer as Announcer Bob Eubanks as Host Cassandra Peterson as Elvira

What actors and actresses appeared in The New Newlywed Game - 1984?

The cast of The New Newlywed Game - 1984 includes: Bob Eubanks as Host (1985-December 1988) Bob Hilton as Announcer (1985-1987) Jim Lange as Host (February 13-17, 1984) Rod Roddy as Announcer (1984)

What are the release dates for The Brady Brides - 1981 The Newlywed Game - 1.2?

The Brady Brides - 1981 The Newlywed Game - 1.2 was released on: USA: 20 March 1981

What are the release dates for The Greatest American Hero - 1981 The Newlywed Game - 3.5?

The Greatest American Hero - 1981 The Newlywed Game - 3.5 was released on: USA: 6 January 1983