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Can you deposit gift cards into your bank account?

  Store gift cards? No, they must be spent at the store with which they are affiliated. Borders cards must be spend at Borders. If you spend less than the value of the c (MORE)

Can you verify PayPal without a credit card or bank account?

No, you have to have a bank account to become PayPal-verified. You can use your PayPal account without becoming verified, but there will be sending, receiving and withdrawin (MORE)

Can you get a loan without a banking account?

  Banks and savings and loans may pre-approve you, but you will need to open an account with them if you choose to take the loan. If you have a problem opening an account, (MORE)

Is it possible to get a credit card without a bank account?

yes just apply online at the bank that you would like to have a card at, you do not need an account there   More detail:  You can also get prepaid credit cards. You de (MORE)
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What is the maximum amount of cash you can deposit in Savings bank account without PAN card?

Technically speaking - it is 49,999 rupees. As per the mandate by RBI, you are required to produce your PAN card if you are depositing more than Rs. 50,000 into your bank acco (MORE)