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How can you lower the materials density?

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Which is the material with highest density?

Iridium wins when the density is calculated using the "space lattice" method, which is considered to be more accurate, when comparing it to Osmium. An atom of Iridium has 77 p

What is the angle of incidence when a beam of light passes at an oblique angle into a material of lower optical density?

The angle of incidence is the angle of the beam of light and the  plane surface of the object, usually measured in degrees    When a beam of light passes at an oblique

How youngs modulus of a material can be lowered?

The young modulus of a material is a constant. It CANNOT be changed. The young modulus E of a material is given by: E = Fl/Ae where F is the force acting on the material l is
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Why does water get a lower density when frozen?

density is mass/volume that is the total mass per 1cm3 of the liquid in question. as water becomes colder, its particles loose energy and move closer together, increasing the
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Why does the density of ice lower then that of water?

Usually, when something turns into solid, its volume reduces. Since density is given by mass per unit volume, decrease in volume means higher densities. Water, however has an