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The cell membrane is made of a double layer of?

The cell membrane is semi-permeable controlling the movement of substances in and out of the cell. It contains a phospholipid bilayer consisting of hydrophobic tails and hydro (MORE)

What is the driving force of the membrane?

The driving force is explained by two factors: voltage gradient and concentration gradient . When there are more ions inside of a cell than outside of a cell, the concentrati (MORE)
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What happens to the force if you double the acceleration?

One way of expressing the relationship between force and acceleration is the following equation: F=MA Were A is acceleration, F is force, and M is mass. If we double th (MORE)

Why use triangles in resolving forces not rectangles?

Triangles are used because if you have a triangle you can use the cosine and sine rules. Since you're asking this question you're probably a student all question will be of th (MORE)
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How can a force be resolved into its perpendicular components?

1) Graphically. Draw an arrow for the force, and measure the vertical and horizontal components. 2) Use trigonometry. The x-component is the length of the vector times the c (MORE)
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How can a force be resolved in to rectangular components?

You would use trigonometry for that. If, for example, you have a force of magnitude 10 at an angle of 30 degrees: * The x-component is 10 times the cosine of 30 degrees * The (MORE)