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What skills does high school teaches you?

Teach one socializing, time-management, analytical and other essential skills that will be useful once one is working in the society. Communication skills (both written and or (MORE)

What is the best grade to teach English in high school?

Generally it is Seniors, but when you take a high school job as an English teacher it generally includes all grades in the high school. You could teach 2 periods of 9th, 2 of (MORE)

How do you Promote English in Tamil medium Schools?

In a real sense, under the present scenario of Uniform Educational Policy there should be neither English medium school nor Tamil medium school separately in an area. There sh (MORE)

Can you teach high school math if you have an English degree?

To teach within the public school system in the United States at the pre-K through high school levels, you must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a teacher education pr (MORE)

What are the problems in teaching English literature in high schools?

The problems of teaching English literature in a high school are that, most students get easily distracted. As a student of English Literature, I say, the teacher should be mo (MORE)
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What are disadvantages of English medium schools?

firstofall students cannot learn the lessons completely only memorize it and vomit it in the exams. the other thing is understanding of the lessons in English are also more di (MORE)
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Why English medium school is preffered?

Because taking education from english medium we can roam around the world easily for our career or for taking higher education.It is universal language.