How do you transfer pictures from computer to camera?

Make a file backup folder on your computer and copy all those photos to it and call it a by new name. Now delete the bad or poor pixs from the orignal photo file . Select the (MORE)

Transfer camera pictures to your computer?

Digital cameras usually come with software for installation on your computer. A cable is also usually included, so that you can connect your camera to a computer port, such as (MORE)

How do you transfer a picture from your digital camera to your computer?

You may have a disk of drivers that came with your camera. If so, you need to follow the steps in your manual and load any drivers onto your computer. You should also have rec (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from camera to camera?

Most digital cameras use a memory card to store the images. There are many memory card readers for computers available at any local computer store and some computers like newe (MORE)

How do I transfer pictures from my camera to my computer?

Most cameras have a USB lead (cable) supplied that plugs into the USB sockets (the same as for plugging in webcams). You need to: . Plug the lead into your computer . If yo (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures fom a digital camera to computer?

Most cameras come with software and cables to affect this transfer. My Canon has Canon software and my Kodak Ply sport has Kodak software. Once the cable is connected from the (MORE)