How can you unlock a mytouch 3g cell phone?

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What are unlocked cell phones?

An unlocked cell phone is one that is not branded with any particular company, such as Suncom, T-mobile, or Cingular. Most unlocked cell phones are GSM which means that they work on the above listed companies or basically any company that requires a SIM card. The advantage to unlocked phones is that (MORE)

How can you unlock a Firefly cell phone?

There are services that you can find online. I found one that let me download the software and do it myself. There are others that have you send you phone to them by mail. I have not tried any of those because I did not like the idea of sending my phone away. It was very easy to download the softwar (MORE)

How do you unlock a cell phone?

Go to Verizon,T-Mobile,AT&T,and Sprint and tell them that your cell is locked and they will take it for about a day and it will be unlocked :-)

What does unlocked cell phone mean?

It means it can be used with any provider. You have to go to a provider and purchase a card for the phone so it will be on the Verizon or AT&T or whatever service. Some cellular phones are designed to use a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card, or microchip that stores subscriber data. Th (MORE)

Are all cell phones 3G?

no, and there are different types of 3G, one would be UMTS for GSM phones. GSM phones are the ones that take SIM cards or smartchips (same thing) the other form of 3G is EVDO which CDMA/TDMA phones can use, these phones cant take SIM Cards most carriers have phones that have 3G capibillities, and us (MORE)

Free to unlock cell phones?

Free cell phone unlock codes are given away free at all you have to do is give them your email address, IMEI Number of your Phone and like them on facebook. after you do this you will recieve a code that will unlock your phone.

How unlock a cell phone?

You can google cell phone unlocking codes and there are plenty of sites with unlocking information specific to your phone model. I have tried it works. And if you don't want the hassles of unlocking phone, consider getting one that's unlocked by default (factory setting)

What is unlocked cell phone?

Hello, The demand for unlocked GSM cell phones in the United States is rising steadily as consumers insist upon more choice. Unlocked GSM phones allow users to take the SIM card out of their phone and insert it into another SIM-based phone without losing any information. In essence, the phone' (MORE)

What does 3g mean on your cell phone?

It is basically like having high speed internet ...If you just use your cell phone to basically is a waste of money.It determines the speed of uploading and downloading things to your phone.

Does the i9 cell phone work with 3g sim card?

The i9 I bought does not support att 3g sim card. It would have been nice to know this before buying. They advertise that the phone works with any carriers, yeah right as long as you have an old sim card for att. the i9 phone does not support 3g serivce, meaning the web moves at a slower speed, (MORE)

What does its mean to unlock a cell phone?

To unlock a cell phone means you are unlocking the restrictions on it which only allow you to use it with the designated service provider. Here's an example: . I have an At&t blackberry phone, but I want to use it with t-mobile's network. First I'll need to " unlock it " so I can use it on t-mob (MORE)

What is a cell phone like without 3G?

Internet's slower (dialup speeds depending on what network your on), calls can sound worse and you can't have a data and internet connection open at the same time (ie Danger Hiptop/T-Mobile Sidekick)

Are unlocked cell phones good?

Unlocked the phone is not locked to any particular phone service providers allow you to insert different service provider's sim cards. It is useful while you are travel to different countries. . Within the United States and Canada, the majority uses only GSM 1900/ GSM 850 bandwidth. In UK, Austra (MORE)

Is it illegal to unlock a cell phone?

As of right now, in the US, unlocking is not illegal. If you have a legitimate reason (like your going on an extended trip over seas), some companies will unlock the phone for you.

How do you get music on your mytouch 3g?

You have to plug your phone in with USB cable and then go to notifications on the phone and touch Turn on USB storage - Then your phone will act just like a USB drive - Appears on the windows explorer as a Removable Disk. Create a folder on the root drive and drag your music over to the new drive.. (MORE)

Where can you find wallpapers for the MyTouch 3G?

You can make your pictures the wallpaper, but if you want to get a wallpaper, then go to the Android Market on the phone and look up an app called "wallpapers." Soon, you will have tons of wallpaper apps to choose from. I currently have the MyTouch right now, and I have downloaded about three diffe (MORE)

Should I get the iphone or mytouch im curently a owner of a mytouch 3G and i was planning to get an unlocked iPhone but is it worth it?

Honestly, it depends on what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend. To summarize the comparison between the two:\n\nThe myTouch has less impressive hardware spec than the iPhone, and runs a little bit slower. It runs Android, a fairly new mobile operating system. This means it does (MORE)

What does it mean when a cell phone is unlock?

To unlock a cell phone means you are unlocking the restrictions on it which only allow you to use it with the designated service provider. Read more: .

What is the purpose of the mytouch 3g slide?

the purpose of the mytouch slide is, there are futuristic apps and you can do more on it than a normal phone. Like, the genouse button, push it and if you dont want to text all ya have to do is talk into the phone of want you want to type, it shows up and it sends it like a text. also it has a touch (MORE)

How do you send music through bluetooth on the mytouch 3G?

You will need to use a file manager and find the file you would like to send usually in the system/media folder on the phone or sd card.once you find the file,press and hold the file name and another window will pop-up with sending options.

What to do when my mytouch 3g slide won't charge?

First you might want to test it buy using another charger that works or use your charger on someone else phone to find out whether its the phone or the charger. If its the charger, you can just buy a replacement charger If its the phone you may have to call you carrier customer serivice line a (MORE)

How do you delete apps off of my mytouch 3g slide?

1. From the homescreen press the menu button ( On the bottom ) . 2. Tap settings 3. Tap applications 4. Tap Manage Applications 5. Choose the app you want to remove. 6. Tap Uninstall 7. Tap Ok , then Ok again.

What does unlocking your cell phone do?

Unlocking is a process of allowing a mobile device to be used on others operator models. Generally cell phones are tied up with one service providers, so you can't use it on a different service provider, unless you unlock it) If you unlock your cell phone, you will be able to choose the carriers o (MORE)

Is the best cell phone deals of Android powered HTC myTouch 4G?

The Android powered HTC MyTouch 4G is sold by Tmobile. While is is not offered online, it may still be offered in stores. Prices vary from week to week. Alternatively, you can search out sites such as eBay which offer MyTouch phones for between $50.00 and $100.00.

What is the purpose of a unlocked cell phone?

The purpose of a unlocked cell phone is to have the ability to use any cell phone carrier. Usually, cell phones are in a locked mode, which only allows it to be used by one particular carrier. If the network of that carrier suffers, so does all the users on that network. With some users unhappy with (MORE)

What is 3g and does Verizon have a cell phone with it?

3G stands for 3rd generation mobile telecommunications and is used in a variety of ways in cell phones, tablets, PDAs and in some laptop computers. It is used for mobile phone calls, internet access, tv, and video calls.

What is 3G coverage on a cell phone?

3G coverage on a cell phone is the internet that your phone runs off of. Almost all cell phones offer 3G coverage. But nowadays, most smart phones now have 4G coverage.

Is unlocking your cell phone safe how do you do it?

There are different ways to unlock your cell phones. Depending on your choice, you can unlock your cell phone in a cheap and simple way. There are various cell phone unlocking service providers that can help you to unlock your cell phones.

What does 3G mean when talking about cell phones?

3G is short for third generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 3G is the second fastest network for mobile phones out there right now. The information transfer rate or speed of the internet has a rate of 200kbit/s.

What does it mean to have unlocked cell phones?

An unlocked cell phone is not locked into only working within a certain network. Most phones when purchased through a certain wireless company will only work o that company's network. Unlocked phones are free to be used on the network of your choice.

How does one get a cell phone unlocked?

One can get a cell phone unlocked by first pressing a button on the phone. Once pressing a button, the screen will turn on providing simple instructions on how to unlock the screen. For example, "Click back then space to unlock the screen."

What are some examples of 3G cell phones?

Today, most cell phones are 3G cell phones. 3G is used in order to surf the internet as well as making calls and is a very fast way of doing this. Some examples of 3G cell phones are all the iPhones, the Sony Xperia smartphones and many, many more.

Where can cell phones be unlocked?

Some companies will offer to unlock your cell phone as long as you have been a member for over a set amount of time which is usually 2 years. You can also download software available online which can than be downloaded to your phone which will unlock the phone.

How can someone get their cell phone unlocked?

You can get your cell phone unlocked through the cell phone carrier you are subscribed to. For example, if you are with Wind Wireless, there is an option on the website to unlock your phone.

What are the steps to unlock a cell phone?

To unlock a cell phone there are many steps. Every phone has a different way of actually unlocking it, android phones have slide patterns, while Apple phones have passcodes.