How can you unlock a mytouch 3g cell phone?

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Are all cell phones 3G?

no, and there are different types of 3G, one would be UMTS for GSM phones. GSM phones are the ones that take SIM cards or smartchips (same thing) the other form of 3G is EVDO

What does 3g mean on your cell phone?

It is basically like having high speed internet ...If you just use your cell phone to basically is a waste of money.It determines the speed of uploading and download

How do you get music on your mytouch 3g?

You have to plug your phone in with USB cable and then go to notifications on the phone and touch Turn on USB storage - Then your phone will act just like a USB drive - Appear

Where can you find wallpapers for the MyTouch 3G?

You can make your pictures the wallpaper, but if you want to get a wallpaper, then go to the Android Market on the phone and look up an app called "wallpapers." Soon, you will

Should I get the iphone or mytouch im curently a owner of a mytouch 3G and i was planning to get an unlocked iPhone but is it worth it?

Honestly, it depends on what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend. To summarize the comparison between the two:\n\nThe myTouch has less impressive hardware

What is the purpose of the mytouch 3g slide?

the purpose of the mytouch slide is, there are futuristic apps and you can do more on it than a normal phone. Like, the genouse button, push it and if you dont want to text al