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How can you use two photographs taken at different times to prove something is in motion?

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When was the first photograph taken in the US?

The first photographs taken in the US were made in the spring of 1839 by two Harvard students: Edward Everett Hale and Samuel Longfellow. They repeated experiments per descrip

Can you use two different kind of RAM in the same time?

  If by "type" you mean two different formats, like DDR and DDR2, then no. The memory controller cannot address both types at the same time, especially since they run at d

When a photograph is taken of a painting and the film is used to make hundreds of prints what is that called?

3 Definitions...... First. technically it's called 'Photographic Reproduction' Second.. if it's your painting it's called shameless self promotion; aggrandizing of ones se
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How do you know something is in motion at an given time?

You have to use a reference point. Pick anything around the area (it's better if it's stationary), and then check to see if the other object changes position at all (in compar