What is used to help digest food?

Oat bran, vegetables, prunes, and natural herbs that you can find using Google search engine. Type "Herbs to help digestion". Open this website: curiosity.discovery.com. (MORE)

How do you help food digest slower?

if you don't move a lot and rest you can slow your metabolism down and your food will digest slower. Answer Eat foods that take the body longer to process--raw fruits and (MORE)

What help us digest the food in our stomach?

Renin, pepsin and hydrochloric acid (HCl) are substances responsible for the breakdown of food particles in the stomach. These substances are contained in the gastric juice, w (MORE)

How does chlorine digest food?

Chlorine is not a digestive substance, it is a gas that can becorrosive in solutions, as strong acids and bases. Sodiumhypochlorite (bleach) breaks down organic substances in (MORE)