How chlorine helps us to digest food?

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What does the tongue do to help you digest food?

It helps taste the food, it helps move it around the mouth, and it helps the mouth swallow the food by pushing it back toward the throat. the tongue plays the role of moving a (MORE)

The Best Foods to Help Ease Digestion

You may find yourself craving fatty, oily foods, but if you're having stomach problems, those are the exact foods you need to be avoiding. If indigestion is something that you (MORE)

Eating Right: Foods That Help Digestion

Foods that help digestion are important to prevent constipation and tummy troubles. Healthier foods push through your digestive system easier than fried and fatty foods. Other (MORE)

How to Help Digestion Through Yoga

Digestion is something you never think about until you have a problem. Digestive problems can be serious medical issues or slight discomforts in your life. Many drugs exist th (MORE)
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8 Foods that Improve Digestion

Modern lifestyle is filled with many harmful factors such as pollution, medication, stress, and even dehydration. It is human to have cravings and you shouldn't always refrain (MORE)
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Improve Your Food Digestion With These 10 Simple Steps

A number of health problems can be traced to issues in your digestive system. Even conditions such as arthritis, allergies, acne, and depression that would appear to have no c (MORE)

Naturally Fight Indigestion With Diet and Exercise

If you find yourself suffering from indigestion or an upset stomach, you know that it can be a painful and irritating malady. However, finding ways to help with digestion can (MORE)

How do you help food digest slower?

if you don't move a lot and rest you can slow your metabolism down and your food will digest slower. Answer Eat foods that take the body longer to process--raw fruits and v (MORE)