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How chlorine helps us to digest food?

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What help us digest the food in our stomach?

Renin, pepsin and hydrochloric acid (HCl) are substances responsible for the breakdown of food particles in the stomach. These substances are contained in the gastric juice, w (MORE)

The Best Foods to Help Ease Digestion

You may find yourself craving fatty, oily foods, but if you're having stomach problems, those are the exact foods you need to be avoiding. If indigestion is something that you (MORE)

Foods Babies Can Eat When They Turn 1

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your baby is 6 months prior to starting him on any type of solid foods to ensure that his digestive system is ready (MORE)

Eating Right: Foods That Help Digestion

Foods that help digestion are important to prevent constipation and tummy troubles. Healthier foods push through your digestive system easier than fried and fatty foods. Other (MORE)

10 Great Food Combos For Improved Digestion

Fruits digest quickly, and you should always eat fruits with other fruits. For the best digestion, only eat melons with other melons because of their high sugar content. Try m (MORE)

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How does the pancreas help digest your food?

The pancreas secretes bile, a digestive enzyme, into the intestines. Food is broken up and nutrients carried out into the the blood. The pancreas secretes enzymes that includ (MORE)

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What helps digest the facts in food?

Your brain does the digesting of facts with commonsensides(If it's fat your thinking of then it's a group of enzymes called lipases but also bile from your liver and gall blad (MORE)

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How does incisor help in digesting food?

Taking care of ones teeth and knowing what they do is very  important. A persons incisors help to cut up food, making it easier  for the body to digest.
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