How come my third floor apartments gas bill is 390 and the first floors gas bill is 32 dollars?

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Do you lose weight from walking from the third floor to the first floor at school between classes?

Theoretically, yes . When you walk, even when going downhill or down the stairs, you are burning calories. Any calories you burn come from the glycogen stored in your body in the form of adipose (fat) tissue. So, even if you are not losing weight, you are doing what you can not to gain more. W ( Full Answer )

Term for blocking a bill by holding the floor?

That would be a filibuster. The exact definition of a filibuster isan action such as a prolonged speech that obstructs progress in alegislative assembly while not technically contravening therequired procedures.

When did the first two dollar bill come out and who was on it?

Answer . According to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing the first $2 notes (called United States Notes or "Legal Tenders") were issued by the Federal Government in 1862 and featured a portrait of the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton (1789-1795). . Currently, the two dollar ( Full Answer )

In congress screening bills for floor consideration is a major duty of?

I'm not sure if this is right but i was reading my text book, book: Texas edition, Magruder's AMERICAN GOVERNMENT [Chapter 12 Sec. 3, pg 337-338] - Scheduling Floor Debate: Before it goes to the floor for consideration, a bill reported by a standing committee is placed on one of severa ( Full Answer )

How many votes does a bill need to pass a floor vote?

In the U.S. Senate, 51 votes are needed to pass a bill on the floor. A bill can also pass on a tie vote (50 - 50 or otherwise), as the Vice President will then cast a vote to break the tie. A bill cannot even reach the floor for a vote, however, if it is the subject of a filibuster unless there are ( Full Answer )

What to do in a second floor apartment of a 9 story block when there are daily loud gurgling sounds coming from the shower drain the smell of sewer gas and a plumber says all is in order?

Sounds like a clogged vent. Let's assume you're somewhere upstairs toward the upper floors.. Someone flushes below you, a vacuum is created in the pipe above, pulling your shower drain trap dry (the gurgling sound). NOw you've got a trap with no water in it, allowing the sewer gas to escape through ( Full Answer )

Average gas bill in Chicago?

The average gas bill in Chicago, IL will depend on what size housethe person lives in. Most of the time for an average house, a gasbill will be around $120 a month.

What is the average gas bill in Michigan?

Gas bill averages are hard to determine, because of the variables.It can cost anywhere from $75-$300 a month for a gas bill dependingon the size of the house, the weather, and people in and out of thehouse.

What is electrical outlet height above floor for gas range?

The electrical receptacle for a GAS range is limited to the electronic controls and ignition and the timer and lights. There is no code requirement for the height of the receptacle. Most of these appliances have a 6 foot cord.. For ranges that stand on the floor, it is customary to hide the recept ( Full Answer )

When will assembly bill 390 be voted on?

It was pulled from a committee vote because of lack of support of committee members, due in part from lobbying from law enforcement. Committee approval is required to vote on the bill. The plan is to resubmit the bill to the committee when enough support is gained to pass a committee vote. ( Full Answer )

How does the Marvin floor fan come apart to clean the blades?

DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THIS FAN! did it and it took me forever to get it together and I had parts left over, too many springs and screws and caps. And it is a bear to get the handles back in place ( thank God for duck tape.) To clean it: take it outside and use large paint brushes, one sift to get the d ( Full Answer )

What is a reasonable bill for gas heat?

Here's what it depends on: where you live, how old is your house, and how warm you like to keep your house. In the middle of winter in Ohio, when it's 25 degrees outside, in an old house with poor insulation, old windows, and lots of drafts, if you keep the thermostat on 70 degrees you will probab ( Full Answer )

What is a gas bill?

There will be a bill period on the statement, which shows the dates your bill relates to. The bill will also include information showing the last payment you made, as well as how much you are expected to pay for the latest billing period. This figure is usually shown with VAT excluded, with the amou ( Full Answer )

What is the average gas bill for a condo?

There is no standard. The bill depends on use, and on theappliances in service within the unit, which may or may not bepowered by gas.

Who screens the bills before they are considered on the floor?

In each chamber, the House of Representatives and the Senate, bills submitted for consideration are assigned to the appropriate Committee/Subcommittee for review, hearings, discussions and amendment before being taken up by the whole body. The party in the majority controls the chairmanship of each ( Full Answer )

Lower your gas bill?

here's a solution, convert to solar power :/ i t may be expensive but once you start using it, the bills are much more cheaper than gas etc. and it's very ecofriendly. SOLAR POWER WILL RULE THIS WORLD!! stuff you environment haters :/

What is the average gas bill in DC?

That depends on if you are talking about car gas or electrical gas. You can call the power company and get an estimate if that's wahat you are looking for.

Are gas bill calculations accurate?

Most gas bill calculators are accurate in depicting how much your monthly gas bill will cost. In fact they are a great way to manage your expenses and budget for gas.

Why would a majority leader refuse to bring a bill to the floor?

Lots of reasons. If he strongly disagrees with the content of the bill. If he doesn't believe that it will get the votes to pass. If the President says that he will veto it and the ML believes him. If he believes the House won't pass it and there's no chance of a compromise (like right now, where th ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost for a gas bill for a apartment?

Here's a ebook I have found that I think may help you with question. it's called " How To Find The Apartment " look in the related links below this answer. Also a real estate website that has great properties for rent or sale www . homerentalonline . com

What does in credit mean on a gas bill?

It is usually taken to mean that the amount you have payed the Gas company is more than the value of the gas you have used. This can happen in the summer months if you pay a fixed monthly amount.

How do you calculate your British gas bill?

One can calculate the British gas bill in many different ways. The easiest way is use an online calculator, which can be found in UK Power and Energy Calculator.

How do you change the name on your gas bill?

Contact the supplier directly -= normally you will want theaccounts team. Thye will ask for the reason for name change andcould then ask for proof of identity.

How does a bill become a law in ga?

There is five steps to making a bill becoming a law in GA. Citizensuggest an ideal, member of the house tells about the bill, thesenate and house vote to approve the bill, the government signs thebill and then it becomes law.