How do you connect hifi speakers to amplifier wirelessly?

You cant. An amplifier amplifies and electrical signal, adding wattage, to power the speakers, which are basically specialized electrical motors. Thus, just like you cannot re (MORE)

How do you connect amplifier to digital tv?

You can look at the in and out connectors on the TV and the amplifier. You have choices that depend on the tv and amplifier, basic stereo, surround sound and tos-link. As you (MORE)

Do you connect speakers to receiver or amplifier?

Depends on what your definition of "receiver" is, but most of the time - to the amplifier. Consider: if the receiver is some form of a device that receives some signal, (MORE)

Can you connect a 300W amplifier to a 60W amplifier?

The only way to connect a 300W amplier to a 60W amplifier is in series. You would also need to carefully balance the inputs so that the two amplifiers would do exactly their a (MORE)

How do you connect amplifier to computer?

You connect your audio leads to the 'aux' input on the amplifier, and the other end to your 'headphones' port. Don't turn up the volume too high on the computer, it will disto (MORE)