How depletion region get thin by increasing doping level in a zener diode?

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How depletion region across zener diode gets thin?

Answer . A diode is basically a PN junction device. P type semiconductors are rich in holes while N types are rich in electrons. (Rich means majority carriers here, whi

How depletion region gets thin by increasing doping level in a zener diode?

Answer . Doping is a process of mixing sum impurity in a iinsulator and then that acts like conductor...The materials which are said to behave like this are called semi co

What is a zener diode?

A Zener diode is a type of diode that sends current in the forward way like a normal diode, but also in the reverse direction if there is voltage that is larger than the break

What is a zener diode for?

zener diode is for regulator purpose. it will maintain the constant voltage so we are using as regulator. we have to connect reverse bias then only it will act like zener diod

What are zener diodes?

A diode (some people incorrectly call them rectifiers) is a semiconductor device that allows a current to flow in one direction. A Zener diode allows a reverse to current to f

Why zener diodes are heavily doped?

so that its depletion layer is narrower... when a high reverse voltage is applied across the junction the electron hole generation takes place.....

What is break down region of zener diode?

A: As voltage in the reverse direction is increased a point will be reached where the zener diode will breakdown an start conducting current therefore any additional input vol

What is a zener diod?

A zener diode (sic) is a semiconductor diode that is designed to have a specific reverse breakdown voltage, and not to destruct when it reaches it. It can thus be wired in ser

What is depletion region of a diode?

As we bring P type and N type semiconductors fused together, then rich holes in P type would get neutralized with some rich electrons in N type. Hence at the juntion region, t

What is depletion region in a diode?

The space around the junction of a diode that is not forward biasedthat is depleted of charge carriers due either to spontaneouselectron-hole recombination or the withdrawal o