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About harriet Tubman?

Harriet Tubman's traits were that she was brave, smart, courageous, religious, heroic, and kind person.she led the slaves in Maryland out of slavery and into freedom, about 50

What Harriet Tubman did?

Harriet Tumbman led the Underground Railroad. She was the Counductor for the Underground Rialroad

What did harriet Tubman did?

Harriet Tubman led over 300 slaves to freedom. She married John Tubman. Afterward, she worked as a spy, soldier, and a nurse. she also looked for more slaves and used the unde

What is Harriet Tubman?

Harriet Tubman was an active abolitionist and a spy during the  American Civil War. She escaped her slavery and came back to her  plantation to rescue over 70 of her enslave

Who was harriet Tubman and what did she do?

Harriet Tubman is a slave from the south that escaped to the north.  She returned to help other slaves escape their cruel owners. In  all, she saved 300 lives. She was also

Harriet Tubman what did she do?

Harriet Tubman was a woman who helped slaves to freedom. Harriet  Tubman was in charge of the Underground Railroad. She helped slaves  make it to the north. The Underground

What is Harriet Tubman about?

it is about how harriet spied for the union a cook and more. it mostly about how she helped many slaves get to a safer place in the usa

How is did harriet Tubman do what she did?

she made it 19 trips in 10 years to save 300 slaves she did this because she didn't think slavery was right and she wanted to all help other people slavery cause our safe

Who was Harriet Tubman?

Harriet Tubman (Araminta Ross, 1820-1913) was an escaped slave whoreturned to the South more than 19 times to help other escapingslaves. She led more than 300 slaves, includin

Why Harriet Tubman do what she did?

Harriet Tubman wanted to be free. But when she was free, she became an abolitionist. She wanted to stop slavery and free others who couldn't ecscape on their own. Plus she onc

Who is Harriet Tubman and what did she do?

Harriet Tubman is one of a abolitionist persons. An abolitionist is a person who wants to stop slaver for morally wrong reasons. Harriet Tubman was also a slave. Harriet Tubma