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How did New Hampshire's people feel about religious freedom?

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Did New England have religious freedom?

Yes but to a certain extent. Puritans came to New England in search of Religious Freedom but then only accepted theyir own religion and kicked out any others. Other religious

In Persia did the people have religious freedom?

By. Alexander Orall Amoah, Ghana   Yes. It was under the rule of the Persian King Artaxerxis that a decree was give to Ezra for the rebuilding of Jerusalem which was a re

Did New Netherland have religious freedom?

New Netherland had a very diverse group religions, including  -many Jewish settlers -African slaves -Puritans these people were not punished for their religions, so it was a

What motivates people to seek religious freedom?

Religion, as with many other human ideologies, is not purely a personal thing but also a form of communication and identification. In society, therefore, religion often encomp