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How did Obama pay for his marijuana as a teenager?

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Does Barack Obama smoke marijuana?

He does not smoke it any more, and hasn't smoked it for many years. During high school, he went through a period of rebellion, and was hanging with a group of students who fre

Does Barack Obama want to legalize marijuana?

He wants to stop federal criminalization and legalize medical marijuana (as in California) nationwide. He does not want to make it "legal" though.. He does not intend to leag

Did Barack Obama pay for his Harvard education?

He paid for some of it. Mr. Obama's Harvard education was partly paid for by grants, as well as by student loans; he also paid for some of it with money he saved during the fi

How much does Michelle Obama pay her staff?

ZERO..NADA...ZILCH the staff are paid by taxpayers on a line budget ! The President doesn't pay anything out of his salary for subsistance which includes food, travel, parti

When did Obama pay to have his records sealed and how much did he pay?

He paid nothing, since it never happened. This is an internet myth, spread by Donald Trump and some other people who are opposed to the president. Mr. Obama's records are not

How did Barack Obama pay for college?

Barack Obama paid for college with student loans, scholarships,  grants, student jobs and the help of his grandparents. Both he and  wife Michelle finished paying off their

How did Barack Obama pay for his extensive education?

Just some info on how Obahma paid for his education The question makes me furious because it has a racial undertone. It infers that since Obahma is black he had his educatio

Does Medicaid or medicare pay for medical marijuana?

I live in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I was informed by my primary care physician that she was unable to sign the required Doctor Forms necessary to complete the Medical Marij

How much should you pay for marijuana?

well sir it depends on how much you get and how good of a hook you have. you should pay no more than 20 dollars for a gram. half eights go for 25 and they usually give you abo

Can marijuana be addictive to teenagers?

Marijuana can be addictive to anybody, regardless of age. Marijuana is not physically addictive -- meaning, a round-the-clock user who suddenly quits will not suffer physical

Does Obama pay for health insurance?

Actually the above is not totally true. The President, as a federal  employee, is automatically enrolled in the Federal Employees Health  Benefits (FEHB) system. This is a p