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How did Obama pay for his marijuana as a teenager?

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Is marijuana bad for teenagers?

Marijuana is bad for teenagers in multiple respects.   I cannot answer completely as I am not an expect in this area, however one disadvantage is that it can in fact damage

Is Obama going to legelize marijuana?

YES HE IS. in like 6 months. i cant f-ing wait!!! marijuana is the f$cken shi-eet f$ck all you marijuana haters hahaha hating onn our shi-eeetttttt

Will Barack Obama legalize marijuana?

This comes from the White House: "Marijuana legalization for any purpose is a non-starter in the Obama administration." Also "The costs of legalizing marijuana would outw

Does Barack Obama smoke marijuana?

He does not smoke it any more, and hasn't smoked it for many years. During high school, he went through a period of rebellion, and was hanging with a group of students who fre

Why do teenagers take marijuana the most?

The foremost drug that teenagers use is alcohol because it is widely accessible and accepted by society as a legal drug. Marijuana on the other hand is the second most used dr

Can marijuana be addictive to teenagers?

Marijuana can be addictive to anybody, regardless of age. Marijuana is not physically addictive -- meaning, a round-the-clock user who suddenly quits will not suffer physical

How does marijuana affect teenagers?

Same as adults. I mean dizziness, laughter, fun... Only worse thing that for adults, that it can damage your lungs badly. I mean teenager's lungs are easier to hurt. A

Why is marijuana bad for teenagers?

A bunch of leaves seem harmless, right? But think again. Marijuana has a chemical in it called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. A lot of other chemicals are

Does marijuana harm teenagers when they use it?

well, marijuana harms teenages by messing with there brain cells. marijuana also helps teens at the same time by helping them focus in school, meaning give a teen work while h

What does Obama feel about marijuana?

The president undoubtedly feels very conflicted about it. On the one hand, as he has admitted in his own writings, he went through a period of time in high school where he reb