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How did Rome feel about the new religion of Christianity as it began to spread throughout the empire?

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Who converted to Christianity and spread it throughout the roman empire?

There were many who helped spread Christianity throughout the empire, but the most famous convert is Paul. After his conversion he not only traveled, but contributed many writ

What allowed for Christianity to spread throughout the roman empire?

The gospel was spread by the apostles who travellled around the empire. The Romans were tolerant towards the religions of the conquered people and allowed freedom of worship a

Why did Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire?

Saint Paul is credited with spreading the Christian faith among the  Gentiles - the non-Jewish population of the Empire. Expansion of  the Christian faith was slow at first,

How were Judeo Christian ideas spread throughout the Roman Empire?

The apostles traveled in parts of the empire to spread  Christianity. The Christians then developed churches with  priesthoods. The clergy had a missionary spirit and endeav

How did Paul's view of Christianity help to spread the new religion?

Both Peter and Paul both sought to reach out to Jews and non-Jews with the gospel. Both preached the same gospel. However, whereas Peter was better attuned to the sensitivit