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How did Rome feel about the new religion of Christianity as it began to spread throughout the empire?

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What religion was spread by the Ottoman Empire?


Christianity first began as an outgrowth of which religion?

Judaism. Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament, was a Jewish rabbi, before following Jesus. Jesus, was brought up Jewish, in Galilee, and also had rabbinical training. The

Did Christianity spread very rapidly and become the majority religion in the Roman Empire by the end of the first century AD?

A:Christianity spread relatively slowly for the first three centuries. By the time of Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor, scholars believe that Christians repres

How and where did christian religion spread?

Actually it started from the Apostles that take action to spread the Gospel and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit they told the Gospel story. It started from the country of

Why did Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire?

Saint Paul is credited with spreading the Christian faith among the  Gentiles - the non-Jewish population of the Empire. Expansion of  the Christian faith was slow at first,

How were Judeo Christian ideas spread throughout the Roman Empire?

The apostles traveled in parts of the empire to spread  Christianity. The Christians then developed churches with  priesthoods. The clergy had a missionary spirit and endeav

What slowed the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire?

Answer   Since a persecuted church is a pure church, some would point to the cessation of persecution around the time of Constantine as a backward step, as the church los

How did Rome help preservation and the spread of Christianity?

Christianity originated from Judea, which was part of the Roman Empire. The Christian apostles and other preachers travelled around the empire to spread their religion and to

How did the byzantine empire spread Christianity?

Two brother who were Byzantine Christian missionaries went to  Bulgaria and developed an alphabet for the Slavonic languages  (Cyrillic) so that the Slavic peoples could rea