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How did Russian sentiment change over the course of world war 1?

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How did Australia's involvement in World War 2 change over the course of the war?

Initially Australia answered the British dog whistle and rushed tohelp defend the Middle East against a Germany which posed no directthreat to Australia. When Japan entered th

What was Russians communist in World War 1?

Effectively the revolution ends Russias' involvement as a beligerant in WW1. Therefore Russia, indirectly, becomes communist because of WW1, but Communist Russia was not part

What weapon changed the course of world war 1?

It was many things, many believe the invention of the tank was one reason, since it was able to break the trench warfare and flatten barbed wire to allow troops through to the

Fighter planes change over world war 1?

At the beginning of WWI, aeroplanes were in their infancy, not used for fighting as such, but for reconnaisance. Like many technical things, war was a great boost to developme

How did the relationship between Hitler and Stalin evolved over the course of World War 1?

During World War 2 Hitler and Stalin maintained a keep your distance and don't tread on me attitude with one another. They both signed a phony nonaggression pact knowing Hitle

What did the Russians do in World War 1?

In 1914, the Russians tried to conquer the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia. They failed the first time, but by the end of 1914, they succeeded. In 1915, they suffered d

What passenger ship changed the sentiment into going into world war 1?

The Lusitania was torpedoed by a German U-boat on 7 May 1915. It  was a contributing factor to the US entering WW1.    The Germans were conducting unrestricted U-boat