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How did World War 2 affect American foreign policy?

Prior to World War II, American foreign policy was isolationist. We  felt that other nations problems, particularly their wars, were  their own business and we avoided getti (MORE)

How did World War 2 affect Australia's foreign policy?

Australia's foreign polciy changed throughout the course of world war 2 from following Britain to the USA. After the fall of Singapore, Australia realised that Britain could n (MORE)

How was US Foreign Policy after World War 1?

This is an incredibly vague question - to answer it fairly would take far more time and energy than I am able to commit. However: To be brief, US foreign policy was largely (MORE)

How did Hitler's foreign policies affect World War 2?

Hitler wanted to take over many countries, Neville Chamberlain disagreed with LON (League of Nations) and thought that if he made Hitler happy, he would mantain world peace (p (MORE)