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How did clementine hunter ear a living?

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What is clementine?

Clementine was the name of an unmanned space vehicle launched as a joint project by NASA and the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (funding was by NASA and the US Navy

What happend to Clementine in your Darling Clementine?

Clementine "drives her ducklings to the water" and then, she falls in to the water. "Rosy Lips above the water, blowing bubbles mighty fine,...then I lost my darling clement

What did hunter gatherers live in?

Temporary shelters as they had to move around following animal migrations and seasonal produce. The temporary shelters varied from caves to bark roofs, and just the open.

Did Clementine Hunter attend school?

Clementine Hunter attended first grade for part of a year. When she was grown, she attended a few classes for adults, but she did not continue. She never learned to read or wr
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How many did Clementine Hunter make?

I think you are asking how many pictures did she paint? She painted thousands of pictures and did not start painting until she was in her 50s.