When did football or soccer become popular in Australia?

it became popular after the huge post world war 2 influx of European migrants and 'ten pond" poms!!. it has continued to grow as immigration from soccer playing nations has co (MORE)

How can you become popular?

Be nice to everyone Wear a little makeup (concealer, mascara, eyeshadow) Be clean- little things like taking a shower, trying to look good but not overdoing it, and not (MORE)

Will i become popular?

No. You worry too much. Relax and be yourself. People are drawn to confidence. Actually, you'll never be popular if u dont try. get some fresh clothes and skate a lil
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What can you do to become popular?

well if you want to become popular, you have to #1 be clean, people always look for appearances, they like people who have clean clothes,hair,makeup ect #2 no acne if you want (MORE)