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How did life change fir woman during world war 2?

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What was life like in America during world war 2?

Life was very hard. With all of the men in the families gone, the women and children had to compenstate for the workload left behind. Life was harder as a result.

What was life like in Britain during World War 2?

  Answer     Depends on where you were. If you were in London, or any of the industrial centers like Coventry, Birmingham or West Bromwich, or anywhere there was

How did the role of women change during World War 2?

How the role of women changed during World War 2:  When the men went off to fight for the first time the  American/Canadian Governments asked the women to help their Nations

How did electronics change American life after world war 2?

they were industrialized. The electronics got bigger and better and more important during life after world war 2. They also became alot more important to the daily life style.

How did American factories change during World War 2?

American factories began converting their materials into items usable for the war. Such as aircraft carriers, submarines, fighter planes, or even just uniforms. The United Sta

What was life like in France during World War 2?

  Answer   After the defeat of France in 1940 most people tried to return to living as they had done before the war. However, Germany demanded all kinds of goods from

What was life like in the US during World War 2?

Life was pretty hard for the poor, but not as bad as thedepression that the war ended. . During WWII, life was dominated by the war effort. Paper,rubber, food all were rati

What was life in Australia like during World War 2?

It was very hard, as women had to do jobs men normally did and rations slowed people up a bit. Second answer: The Australians were attacked in the town of Darwin. People were

How did World War 2 change life in Britain?

After the start of World War Two, life changed considerably in Britain. To avoid giving the enemy visual reference points at night, full blackout curtains had to be used to k

How did family life change during World War 2?

Families changed a lot because the men would leave to go to thewar. When your dad is not home you get lonely and frightened. Onereason you would get frightened is because your

What was life like for children during World War 2?

Answer . Well, if u mean like children in America during WWII i suppose life was pretty normal. Everything would be pretty normal except maybe the absence of a parent of t

What was life like in Germany during world war 2?

  LIfe in Germany during World war two was kind of suspsious. Every corner you turned there could be a Nazi solider of a person running away from a Nazi. Someone could hav

How did life in Great Britain change during world war 2?

1- After fighting two World Wars, the United Kingdom lost its standing as one of the top world powers. 2- UK had a large empire prior to WW2 but after the war many countries