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How did life change fir woman during world war 2?

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How did life change in the US during world war 2?

life changed a great deal in America, because we lost a lot more soldiers than we have in any other war so far. but, it ended the great depression. :):( It changed their lives

How did family life change during World War 2?

Families changed a lot because the men would leave to go to thewar. When your dad is not home you get lonely and frightened. Onereason you would get frightened is because your

What did woman do during world war 2?

The joined the war manufacturing industry. They built planes, war implements, ammo and even Higgins boats.Many nurses joined the military and worked hard as nurses on the war

How did the role or woman change during World war 2?

  Woman were now well known and earned alot of respect by joining the army in world war 2. Woman died while fighting and so did men so doesnt that make them equal?   Wo

How did life in Great Britain change during world war 2?

1- After fighting two World Wars, the United Kingdom lost its standing as one of the top world powers. 2- UK had a large empire prior to WW2 but after the war many countries

How did life change for men during World War 2?

"Troops lives have changed very much during ww2 they had to learn to be strong and never give up. They sometimes had to go for day after day without food or water it must have

Why did woman take jobs during World War 2?

To the best of my knowing, women took all the jobs men had. They had those jobs on top of taking care of their families. They worked as farmers and factory workers to help the

What were woman encouraged to do during world war 2?

Women that were not usually employed for certain job roles had to been employed to take on jobs that society usually bestrode upon the men, but they were off fighting in the w

What did the woman do during World War 2?

Before the Seond World War, women were expected to be "housewives", or do certain "women's work," such as nursing, being a domestic servant or shop assistant. If women were