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How did the Romans cook and prepare their food?

The Roman staple was bread, which could be baked in the field by a Roman Legionary using a small, portable clay oven, or in a mechanized mass production bakery in a city such (MORE)

How was medieval food prepared and cooked?

People of the Middle Ages ate a lot of bread, which was cooked in ovens. Very few people could afford ovens, so bread was usually baked by a miller who also baked as a sidelin (MORE)

What are the basic food cooking in food preparation?

This isn't very specific. What kind of food do you want to cook? Basically you need butter or margarine, flour, salt, pepper, spices you like, baking soda, baking powder, vine (MORE)

Did slaves prepare the Romans food?

In most households and businesses, yes, slaves prepared the food. Good cooks were highly valued at Rome and the wealthy vied with each other in having a creative and competent (MORE)

How is cooking different from food preparation?

Cooking is different from food  preparation due to the fact that cooking is using prepared food.  You cannot cook without having prepared food. 
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