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Two ways to recognize conditions leading to food safety hazards during preparation and cooking and what action should be taken?

There are many conditions that can lead to food safety hazards. Is your work space clean and sanitized? Is there possible contamination between foods - for example; meat n (MORE)

How did the Romans cook?

The roman cooking methods would be familiar to cooks of today. They used ovens for baking their breads and cakes and for some stuffed meats. They used a spit for roasting, a p (MORE)

How do you prepare and cook the sasquatch?

  Like Boar, Sasquatch is a game meat with rich flavor and oily constituents well-suited for pungent herbs such as thyme which round out its hearty flavor.
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What is food preparation?

Food preparation consists of all the steps that take place to turn  ingredients into a prepared meal, dessert, or other item ready for  consumption. This may include cleanin (MORE)

Where did the Romans get their food?

The Romans grew much of their own food, but they got a lot of their grain supply from Egypt, meaning that whoever had control of Egypt had control of food in Rome. The Romans (MORE)

How did the Romans cook and prepare their food?

The Roman staple was bread, which could be baked in the field by a Roman Legionary using a small, portable clay oven, or in a mechanized mass production bakery in a city such (MORE)
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How does cooking food preserve food?

The bacteria and fungi in the food are killed by the heat and can therefore no longer spoil the food.
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What are the classic cooking utensils used in the preparation of Italian food by Italians?

Mezzaluna food chopperChinois and pestleWooden box cheese graterRotary cheese graterWood pasta rakesRavioli stampPizzelle cone roller   Pasta Machine   A stainless ste (MORE)

What are safe food handling practices and procedures for storing preparing cooking chilling reheating holding serving and transporting food?

There is no way we will rewrite a book or put a whole course  synopsis here, but best practices for safe food handling can be  summarized with    Keep all surfaces cle (MORE)