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Who were the samurai?

The Japanese knights. Taught never to surrender and never to retreat, they would commit suicide if they were defeated or ashamed and so, they became the worlds most deadly war

What do samurai do?

Answer   They protect the land that daimyo give them and they enforce the law  

Who can be samurais?

  * anyone that follows the samirai code wich is called Bushido which means the way of the warrior. It was their way of life. The Samurai's loyalty to the emperor were uns

Who is samurai?

Samurai are a hereditary military class of feudal Japan. Hereditary means the position (essentially a caste") was passed on from father to sons. Yje samurai subscribed to a st

What were the samurai?

    Samurai were war lords that controlled areas of present-day Japan during the 1400-1600's.

What did the samurai do?

They are the warriors of japan. They follow a code of honor called bushido that has 7 virtues.

Who were samurai?

samurais were brave and strong warriors that have on short sword and one long swords

What does a samurai do?

fights for their lord,shogun,or emperer, or if there masters were killed either avenged them or became mercinaries.or in peace practice martial arts,calligraphy,painting,litea