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How did the Bantu expansion affect their tech?

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How did westward expansion affect farmers?

WESTWARD EXPANSION The boundaries of the United States of America in 1787, at the time of the British Colonies War for Independence, was: the Allegheny mountains to the west,

How did comstock Lode affect the westward expansion?

The Comstock Lode affected the westward expansion by causing many  prospectors and novices to leave the east and come out west. This  new gold boom caused the state of Nevad

How did the geography of Rome affect its expansion?

It was protected from the north by mountains. It had easy access to trade due to water on three sides. The alps provided protection ~apexThe geography of Rom affect its exp

How did transportation affect westward expansion?

It allowed settlers to move west by allowing them to travel  quicker over longer distances like the train. It was also cheaper  and more practical.

What is Bantu?

A group of South and Central African native languages and the natives who belong to that group

How did the westward expansion affect the African Americans?

It increased the desire for slaves due to the expanding "Cotton Kingdom". Certain acts had previously banned the addition of new slaves but because of western expansion, there

Who were the bantu?

The Bantu are groups of negroid peoples of different tribes living in Equatorial and southern Africa.