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How did the Bantu expansion affect their tech?

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Who were the bantu?

The Bantu are groups of negroid peoples of different tribes living in Equatorial and southern Africa.

What is Bantu?

A group of South and Central African native languages and the natives who belong to that group

How did the bantu migrations affect Africa's population?

Two thousand years ago, the Bantu migration was the most massive  and important migration since the original humans migrated out of  Africa to the rest of the world. Aside f

How did the Bantu affect the history of southern Africa?

By about A.D. 1000 one Bantu group, the Shona, had built an empire. It included much of what is now Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They farmed, raised cattle, and traded gond many A
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Can the migration theories of the bantu be used to explain its expansion?

Bantu migration never took plasce.It is all based on pure guess work to say the least.There is no genetic evidence,no archeological evidence,no cultural evidence and no histor