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How did the Seminoles differ in their attitude toward slavery from the Cherokees?

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What was Jackson's attitude toward slavery?

  Jackson probably supported slavery and he owned many himself. As an advocate of the farming states, he supported slavery yet he also supported an evenly balanced union b

What was the attitude towards slavery in the middle colonies?

It was rather strict. The middle colonies were not as reliant on slavery as the South was, but the use of African American slaves still sped up their development process. In t

What was the attitude of southern Jews toward slavery?

This is a very complicated question. Jews in the south were a small minority in a predominantly Christian part of the country, and many Jews seemed to feel it was best to keep

What was Maryland's attitude toward slavery?

Sometimes ambivalent, often divisive, it was considered a necessary evil by most and a real money-maker by a few. Annapolis became a major slave trading community but by 1860

Was there slavery in Delaware or what was the attitude towards it?

Yes there was slavery in Delaware for a surprisingly long time. In the early days, the Delaware colony was dominated by the Swedes, and they did have slaves-- but most were na
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Was slavery in your region or the attitude towards it?

It depends on which region. There were many regions where people were opposed to slavery, and some where they accepted it. Slavery was a very contentious and divisive issue, a
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What was the attitude of southern whites towards slavery?

While it is never a good idea to generalize, studies have shown that large majorities of southern whites accepted slavery. Some even felt it was the right thing, because they