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How did the period following the rules of Julius Caesar and Augustus different?

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Why did Julius Caesar adopt Augustus?

Caesar adopted Octavian, his grandnephew, because he had no male heir (not counting the son he had had with Cleopatra since the Romans would have never accepted him as ruler).

What country did Julius Augustus Caesar rule and how did he die?

Julius Augustus Caesar were 2 different people. Julius Caesar was the great uncle of Augustus Caesar. Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of men in 44 BC and Augustus Ca

What are some differences between Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar?

They are two different people, but Julius and Augustus were both on the same political wavelength. The main difference between the two was that Julius grew arrogant and August

Did Julius Caesar and Augustus rule rome differently?

No, the two men both ruled autocratically. However the difference was in, shall we say, style. Julius was a very arrogant and impatient person more or less bulldozing his way

How are Augustus and Julius Caesar alike?

The two men were alike in that they were both excellent politicians. They knew the value of keeping the goodwill of the common man. Both were generous in their gifts and in th

How did rule under Julius Caesar and Augustus differ?

Julius Caesar tried to control the ambitious generals by makinghimself dictator for life - a role which normally had a six monthstenure to solve a problem. There was a simple

How did rule under Caesar and Augustus differ?

Caesar set himself as dictator for life, which the aristocrats sawas kingship, and solved the problem by terminating his life.Augustus learnt from this and called himself Prin