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How did the roman society change during the era of the replublic?

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What were some of the changes that occurred in cities during the Greek and Roman eras?

  Answer   The Greek era was based in the development of independent city states until Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic period when for the first time on Europ

What are some similarities between the roman replublic and the United States?

both are great power although rome was a regional powerboth have accepted foreign specially Indian mythologies greatly for example vedic god mithra was the principle deity i

Did clothing and fashions change over time during the roman era?

Believe it or not, no, clothing and fashions did not change during the Roman era. The tunic and toga for the men and the pala and stola for the women remained the same just ab

What was the roman replublic?

The Roman Republic was a form of government which lasted 482 years (509-27 BC). It followed the overthrow of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, the last king of Rome who was a tyrant

How did the role of roman society change during the era of the republic?

Society does not have a role. It has a structure. Rome's social structure changed during the Roman Republic. In the Early Republic the state was monopolised by the patricians