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How did the roman society change during the era of the replublic?

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Did Italy exist during or before the roman empire era?

  Rome and Italy were the center of the Roman Empire but Italy doesn't exist during or before... Italy become a unified country in 1861 a thousand years after the fall of

How did Confucianism influence Chinese society during its dynastic era?

Confucianism influenced the country in a number of ways, both good  and bad. While it promoted social conformity in china and  encouraged sons to be reverent of their parent

How has Earth changed during your current era?

the climate has cooled and has became less humid apex: Grass started growing across the world. It is also apex: the dense forest has developed

What colors were dominant during the roman empire era?

Well, for decorating red was about the most popular, judging from the frescoes that have come down to us. Dark, cooling greens were also used. Clothing was multicolored and us

How did Legalism influence Chinese society during its dynastic era?

A. It prescribed hash penalties for minor crimes.Legalism basically postulates that humans are evil and need to be  controlled using laws in order to prevent chaos. Legalism

To what extent did the progressive era really change society?

While not all progressives supported all progressive reforms, the basic objectives of the movement included the following, many of which eventually were enacted into law or be