How do I condition a cast iron skillet?

the procedure is called blanching.get skillet very hot then wipe with clean fresh cooking oil. . I love my cast iron skillets. After they have been cured (blanched?) they mu (MORE)

How do you cure a cast iron skillet?

Deep fat fry something, chicken in it. Wash with salt, don't put soap on it. Viola! with a little cooking oil and wax paper just keep rubbing in the oil until it is well into (MORE)

What are the uses of a cast iron skillet?

Cast iron skillets are used for frying and baking. I use mine to fry bacon and eggs, and to bake cornbread. They are non-sticking if they have been seasoned. To season a skill (MORE)
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How do you clean new a cast iron skillet before use?

I just washed mine in water and detergent, rinsed it, then heated it with a litle oil in it then let it cool and used paer to rub out the oil. it is fine to use a soft scrubbe (MORE)

How do you season a new cast iron skillet?

They're inexpensive, a healthy way to prepare food and if properlytreated will last for decades. All you need to do with your newcast iron skillet is season it before the firs (MORE)

How do you renew cast iron skillets by hand?

Clean the skillet of any residual grease, oil, food particles with a dish soap and fine steel wool. Allow to dry. Then apply a light coating of a vegetable based cooking oil. (MORE)

How do you cook with cast iron skillets?

It depends on what you want to cook. Cast iron is great for all kinds of cooking, but it takes some getting used to and time to learn about what heat is needed for what dishes (MORE)
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How would someone season a cast iron skillet?

Seasoning a skillet is very simple. For a new cast iron skillet, simply wash the pan with a mild detergent, and hot water. After that, coat the entire pan (with the exception (MORE)
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Where can one buy cast iron skillets?

Cast iron skillets are found at many retail stores including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target. Additionally, if you prefer online retailers, then Amazon and Overstock al (MORE)