How do I find info on crime scene photography history?

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Why is photography used at a crime scene?

Photography is used at crime scenes to preserve the natural evidence. For example: if person J was shot in the stomach, but was place laying on the bullet wound, the CSI, pers

Where can you find a crime scene investigation kit?

There probably are such kits commercially available, but you will find that most experienced forensic technicians gather the supplies they need, and prefer to use, and make th

Find info on history in japan?

It totally depends on what you want to know about this history! Is there any particular Era or Year/s that interests you? Or do you mean history in general? As in major happ

Where can one find photography of history?

If you want to find some really great pictures of historical events, visit your local library and see if there are any back issues of Life Magazine or National Geographic. Tho