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How do I find the Air Miles Collector Card total air travel miles available to me?

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Air miles vs miles?

One Ground Mile = 5,280 ft. One air mile = 6,076.115 ft.

Do you need a credit card to get an air miles card?

You can join an airline frequent flyer program, but if you get an airline-branded credit card you will earn miles even when you're not flying. If you are interested in getting

What credit card offers the most air miles rewards?

Actually the "United Mileage Plus Explorer Credit Card" is the best frequent flyer credit card available on the market. It gives one 30,000 bonus miles after one spent 1,000 D

How does one apply for an Air Miles card?

To apply for an Air Miles card, one should visit the official Air Miles webpage. Alternatively, speak straight to a provider such as American Express, or visit Money Supermark

Which credit cards offer air miles?

A lot of Airlines offer creditcards themselves. If the airline is a member of a union like skywards not only miles flown with this particular airline will be credited. To ment