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How do bald eagles body covering help them survive?

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How does a bald eagle live and survive?

Bald eagle is a strong swimmer so it can catch fish very easily .They live besides a large bodies of water and there are fishes and salmons that lives in there which are the p

What is the Bald Eagle?

Bald eagle is not a bald bird. The bald eagle lives in a nest that is one of the biggest nest in North America.

Do Bald Eagles help the environment?

Yes they do they eat fish to lower the amount of the fish population. They eat dead animals so they can lower the amount of dieing animals they eat

What does a Bald Eagle need to survive?

Water, food, successful mating, a safe place to raise their young, and a large range in which to teach their young to fly and hunt.

What can Bald Eagles do?

  They can fish, which is their raison d'ete (reason for being). Also they can have baby bald eagles which is something nothing else can do.

How do bald eagles survive?

Bald eagles survive by hunting and fishing. They are very good at  both of these practices. Their eyesight is remarkable being able to  see things with about a 2000 percent
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What helps the peregrine falcon survive an attack from a bald eagle?

Of course if the peres were as swift as the cinematographically (read special effects) corroborated mythology claims, healthy adults would never be in danger from eagles. But