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Who were band members of the who?

Pete Townsend, Roger Daltrey, The Late Keith Moon (Who Was Replaced By Ex- Faces Drummer/Percussionist Kenny Jones), & The Late John Entwistle.

What are the band members of The Who?

From 1964 - 1978 the Who were: Pete Townshend - Guitar, Roger Daltrey - Vocals, John Entwistle - Bass, Keith Moon - Drums. When Moon died in 1978 he was replaced by Kenny Jone

Who are the band members from the band Pantera?

Well, on vocals you've got Phil Anselmo, playing guitar is the legendary Dimebag Darrell (Rest In Peace Dime), on bass is Rex Brown and on the drums is Dimebag's brother Vinni

Who are the band members in The Who?

  Roger Daltrey - vocals   Pete Townsend - lead guitar, wrote pretty much all the songs   John Entwhistle - Bass guitar, considered one of the best OF ALL TIME