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How do ducks use their tails for flight?

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Can a duck take flight from land?

depends on the wind direction Answer Also the breed, age and weight can impact a ducks ability to take off from either land or water. Just saw a couple of mallards do that yes

What is the fastest duck in flight?

I have heard of a merganser setting the speed record while being chased by an airplane.   It was clocked doing 100 m.p.h. Shattering the previous record set by a canvasback

Do a platypus and a duck have a tail?

Platypuses and ducks, which are not even remotely related, both have tails, although the duck has "tail feathers" rather than an actual, full tail.
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Why do ducks wag their tails?

There are several reasons why they do it. 1. If they have been in water, they do it to shake the water off. 2. They also do it when they are happy. And 3. Sometimes they