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How do ducks use their tails for flight?

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Why do platypuses need duck bills and beaver tails?

Platypuses do not have duck bills and beaver tails. The bill of a platypus is quite different in size and functions to a duck's bill. The bill of a platypus is vital to its su

Why does a platypus have a duck bill and a beaver tail?

The platypus does not have either a duck's bill or a beaver's tail. The platypus's bill is broader and flatter than a duck's bill. It contains sensitive electroreceptors which

Should ducks have a lump near the tail?

Absolutely! It is their preening gland. It produces the oil that is used to make their feathers water proof. The ducks will rub their beaks on it to spread the oil. It looks l

Why do ducks wag their tails?

There are several reasons why they do it. 1. If they have been in water, they do it to shake the water off. 2. They also do it when they are happy. And 3. Sometimes they

Does the tail of kite affect its flight?

Yes - the tail adds stability. Without it - the kite would just spin. The tail makes the bottom of the kite slightly heavier so it flies vertically.

What are the uses of ducks?

\nThere are some uses for ducks, such as using feathers for pillows or padding, the down for quilts, I guess you can cook their eggs and meat for food (Mmmmm... duck jerky), a

What animal has a beaver tail and a duck beak and a bears fur?

The platypus looks a bit like that. The platypus, however, is a completely independent animal which is not made up of beavers, ducks or any other creature. Its tail is vastl