Why was fabric softener invented?

Fabric softeners were invented when the detergent industry moved away from using "soap" and started using synthetic detergents, AKA surfactants, as the cleaning, foaming and e (MORE)
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How do you make fabric softener?

Find yourself a clean one gallon plastic jug. 1 cup of Baking soda 1 cup of water Slowly add 6 cups of pure white distilled vinegar. It will fizz, do this slowly. Add (MORE)

What breaks down fabric softener?

I spilled a very large bottle of liquid tide detergent on my carpet in my car. The lid wasn't on tight. Even though I love the smell in tide detergent the smell in my car carp (MORE)
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What are some natural fabric softeners?

There are many alternatives to chemical fabric softeners available for the environmentally minded. A couple of natural fabric softeners include: baking soda, rubber or tennis (MORE)