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Can dry humping a pillow damage you?

No but , are you normal? why in the hell would you wanna hump a pillow? Or maybe you just want to know waht it feels like so go on and do it fool!!!!

How do girls hump pillows?

This is a way of masturbating which is quite safe and normal. Read some more about it here: * * (MORE)

Why do girls hump pillows?

it may com or South them or it may fell good i hump my pillow and have sex with my boy frind. so hears how u do it first pusiton the pillow so the opining of the pillow case i (MORE)

How should a girl hump a pillow?

I am a girl and when im not with my girlfriend i tend to hump my pillows quit frequently. You begin by pressing up against the pillow, spread your vagina lips to the angle tha (MORE)
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How do you hump a pillow i am a girl?

Get in your underwear, fold the pillow in half like a horse, put it between your legs, move hips, and moan( such as "uhhhhhh" or "mmmmm" or "uh uh uh uh uh!".
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How do i dry hump with a pillow i am a boy?

Dry Humping for a Male Using a Pillow Missionary position: Place the pillow on the bed and then lay on top of it. as if it were another person. Rub your penis against the (MORE)