How do gymnosperms reproduce?

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Gymnosperms (meaning "naked seeds") are seed-bearing plants that don't produce flowers, instead they have male and female reproductive organs mostly in the form of cones. Their microsporophylls release pollen into the air to make available to the ovule, in the megasporophylls causing fertilization. Their seeds develop without a protective covering of ovary wall. Conifers (like pines, redwoods, and fir), gingkos, seed ferns, cycadeoids, and cycads are gymnosperms.
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What is a Gymnosperm?

Gymnosperms means Naked Seed. Gymnosperms are seed-bearing plants that do not produce flowers. Essentially they are trees and shrubs whose seeds are borne on the scales of co

What are gymnosperms?

Gymnosperms are any of a group of vascular plants that produce naked seeds (not enclosed in an ovary or fruit). They were formerly considered a class (Gymnospermae) of seed p

How does gymnosperm reproduce?

Gymnosperm plants have both male and female reproductive organs.They depend on the wind for pollination. The male gametophyte celllands on the female cell for fertilization.

What do gymnosperms reproduce?

Most gymnosperms have reproductive structures called cones. Cones are covered with scales. Most gymnosperms produce two types of cones: male cones and female cones. Usually, a

How does a gymnosperm reproduce?

Through seed formation

What do gymnosperms reproduce with?

The gymnosperms are primarily conifers (cone bearing trees and shrubs) such as the spruce, pine and fir trees. They are non-flowering plants that produce seeds not encased in

How do gymnosperms and angiosperms reproduce?

Gymnosperms are seed-bearing plants that don'tproduce flowers, instead they have male and female reproductiveorgans mostly in the form of cones. Their microsporophylls relea
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What is reproducation?

Reproduction is the process of reproducing organisms, "making/having babies."
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Why are gymnosperms called gymnosperms?

Gymnosperms are plants that do not grow flowers or fruits. You canremember this because of "gym" in gymnosperm. You see, when I thinkof gym I do not think of flowers or fruits