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How do i beat level 33 on escape?

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How do you beat Bloxorz level 33?

Level 33 (70 moves, can be done in 66 or even 65) R4, U, L, D3, R2, U, L, U, L, U2, R2, D, R, D, R, U, L2, U, R, D, R, D2, R, D, L, D2, R2, (reach X) U, D, L2, U4,

How do you beat level 33 on vehicles?

33. Drive the police car right, and leave the engine running so it  will go under the yellow pole as you remove the left stripe. Drop  the ambulance and drive it up the ramp

How do you beat level 33 on 40x escape?

Click only the letters A and C, which toggle other letters on as well.

What is the answer to level 33 on 40x Escape?

Just click on the letters C and A. These letters toggle the other ones on.