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How do i know when to get my stick restrung?

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How often should you have your tennis racquet restrung?

  Answer   The general rule of thumb is to first determine how many times per week you play tennis. The number of times you play per week should equal the number of

How do we know that our stick insect is a girl or a boy?

This greatly depends on what stick insect you have. If it is an Indian Stick Insect it is most likely female, as the males are incredibly rare and the females produce eggs wit

How much does it cost to have guitar restrung and tuned?

if you don't know your stuff its however much they charge you. but all it really costs to restring your guitar is as much at the strings cost because stringing your guitar is

How do you know if your cars brakes are sticking?

you probably wont be able to move? or you can take it around the block, then when you get back dump some water on the calipers.. if it sizzles then there is a good chance they

How much does it cost to get a compound bow restrung?

Well normally getting a string put on will cost about 110 for a great string and about 40 for a decent string but then you also have to pay labor which would cost you like 20

How do you know if your lacrosse stick is legal?

There are set regulations on position-specific stick specifications. These can be found on uslacrosse.org. This site has a wealth of information regarding rules, regulations,