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How do male ants do the courtship behavior?

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What courtship behaviors do lions show?

The Male will follow around the female and sniff her for signs she is ready/in the heat The female will show she is ready by: Walking past the male Elaborate tail movements R

What are humpback whales courtship behaviors?

Courtship with humpbacks does not appear to be loving and warm caresses. The males compete for a female by breaching, peduncle throws (karate chops of the tail), head slaps, c

What are some examples of courtship behavior?

a cuttle fish displays colors to attract a female mate a peacock shows his feathers Male bowerbirds build elaborate towers of vegetation to entice females Female moths release

What is Courtship behavior?

Courtship behavior is a behavior in which males and females of thesame species prepare for mating. Courtship behavior ensures thatthe males and females of the same species rec

How do male lions display courtship behaviour?

Their big mane is their main way of attracting a female. The bigger  the mane is, the bigger and stronger he looks to a female. The  female will chose the mate who passes th

How do chameleons display courtship behavior?

Courtship behaviour - the male will start to twitch his head, go through a rapid color change, and start heading towards the female. Now, one of two things can happen. The fem

Explain the importance of courtship behavior for animals?

The importance of courtship behavior is that it may take some time, and communication is a big thing! the male usually impresses the female by their appearance of even an act

How do meerkats show courtship behavior?

During courtship, males approach females and generally bites at the females neck which will aid in bringing her into cycle and make aggressive females more receptive. Females