Who were these men?

Men are horrible. Men are... um lets see,useless, unforgivable, stinky, and lets see, EVERYTHING ELSE BUT GOOD!!

Is masterbation bad for health?

In the physical sense - NO, masturbation is not "bad" - does not normally cause bodily harm or impairment [using normal methods]. . If you mean "bad" in the moral or religiou (MORE)

Why men?

\n. \nWhy not?\n. \n'Cause if you are the same gender as your love, it means that you are either a lesbian, or a gay.
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What is mens'?

noun, plural men's.. 1.. a range of sizes in even and odd numbers for garments made for men.. 2.. a garment in this size range.. 3.. the department or section of a store (MORE)

Why are men men?

Men are men because of their genetics. The genetics from the father either pass an X or a Y chromosome to the child. If it is Y, the child is a boy and will grow to be a man. (MORE)

Do men have men bras?

Not considering the joke from Seinfeld aka the "bro" or "manzeer" I have never heard of a man's bra. However I have seen a type of corset for men to hold their stomachs in.

How do men do it?

Believe me if i knew i would make millions of pounds selling it to them ;) if you know what i mean ;)

Why do men like men?

If a man likes another man it isn't a bad thing. Everyone likes some men and dislikes other men (... and women). Some men love some other men and some fall in love with other (MORE)

Why does men have a but?

If they didn't, then what would they sit on? Then women would not be able to say that men have any fat because without a butt, they'd be skin, bones, and blood!