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Where do jellyfish raise young?

Jellyfish have two stages to their lives. Once they have mated the fertilized eggs settle on the sea floor and develop into small, sessile, polyps. Then some time later these

How do Przewalski's horse raise their young?

Basically the same way as all horses do, whether domestic or wild. Most are good mama's, The only difference would be the threat of preditors for wild horses. But they stay in

How do green iguanas raise there young?

Green Iquana moms take care of their young in the wild. I have witnessed the mother iguana put her self between my lab/pit mix and her babies to protect them. I am no scienti

How do Pikas raise their young?

Pikas can give birth to 12 children. They take care of their children underground.

How do monkeys raise their babies?

Females give birth every 5 years and then the baby monkey relays on the female to do every thing for it until it is 10weeks old

How do penguins raise their young?

They raise their young by putting the egg under the flaps of their skin in between their legs. The male penguin uaually take care of the egg until it is hatched. When a mother
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How do gray wolfs raise their young?

They raise them in a den for the first few weeks then they start to let the pups leave and then they leave the den and join the rest of the pack outside. While they are young