How do police officers use Geometry?

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Many police diagrams are created and recorded using triangulation or base line mapping. Both require geometry.
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What weapons do police officers use?

police have been known to use tazers, hand guns, and shotguns The most common are 9mm pistols, knight sticks and tazers. I believe the Glock 9 is the most common firearm used

How do police officers use science?

when they us there rader to track people down and when they are doing breth testing and when the want to see who fast a car is going

What do police officer use math for?

Math is used by police officers as a part of many investigations. Measurements and calculations are very often needed for a traffic accident or investigation of a crime scene.

Can police officers use force?

Subject to the limits imposed by statutes, departmental policies and situational necessity...Yes.

What pistal do police officers use?

It depends on the locality. Locally to me, the city officers carry a Sig 229M, county officers carry a Beretta 96D, and state troopers carry a S&W Sigma (I may have

What guns do police officers use?

Each police agency has their own set of requirements for hand guns. ------------- It depend on state, station or personal preference. In U.S, Most use glock 19s 9 mm. Some u

Do police officers use CPR?

Depends - some may be trained to however it is not required whenentering the police force. Usually when there is an accident,medics respond as well as police officers.

To be a police officer do you have to use a firearm?

In most cases, yes. If the police in your area are armed then you would also be required to carry and qualify with firearms. However, this is not always the case. In countr

Why do police officers use steroids?

Your question assumes facts not in evidence. If you are aware of officers using illegal drugs, it should be reported to the proper authorities, not bantered on a website.