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How do spores make new lichens?

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Can all fungi make lichen?

  No, only certain species can make lichen. These certain species cannot live without their alga/cyanobacterium partner.

What organisms make up a lichen?

A lichen is 2 or more organisms that have formed a symbiotic  relationship, so they depend on each other for survival. Lichens  are usually made up of a fungi, could be any

How did they make spore?

Haha.... that's the fantastic thing about mankind. Yeah, the same way they make computer games. You know, set the plot, key scenes, get an artist to do the characters, then an

Can you make your own creature on spore?

yes if you have the creature creature of spore galactic adventures Even spore works and a hint is also in the creators to make a creature with one eye on 1 side but not the ot

How do you get a new code for Spore?

You have to buy a new game. There isn't a "one code" that installs Spore, and any "free" codes given out by other people are their own and only work to install their games; th
In Spore

How do you make epic spore creatures?

Get Spore Galactic Adventures and make a game. While you're making the game, put in a creature. you can make it smaller or bigger. If you make it smaller, you get a baby. If y