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How do spores make new lichens?

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How do you make a storm trooper is spore?

From the web: Go to the Spore website, log in, select "Sporepedia" and then search for storm trooper. you can then download or import the model.. From Inside the Game: Op

How do you make one arm in Spore?

the answer is ubersimple, just not really known,..hold the A button, then drag the mouth-arm-anything to the body, tadaaa, it only apears on one side, not on both xD, simple e
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What is lichen?

Lichen is the symbiotic association of a fungus (the mycobiont, which provides shelter and structure for the partnership or symbiosis), with an alga or cyanobacterium (the pho
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Can you make things Asymmetrical creatures on spore?

Go to google and type in asymmetry mod spore. The site will be xspore... There should be a link to download it. Open your hard drive (usually in My Computer or Computer), then