Books for 14 year olds?

twilight by Stephanie Meyer (favorite book) The clique by Lisi Harrison ttyl by Laurenmyacle The uglies by Scott westerfeld Answer: . The Twilight Series by Stephenie Mey (MORE)

Books for 13 year old?

! If you are asking for book recommendations, I have a few (I am 14). Of course, everyone has a different sort of taste, but these are well-written, generally interesting book (MORE)

Books for 12 year olds?

boy or girl if its a boy i would say try Cirque Du Freak [interesting bit of scary but good books} for a girl i would say tiger's curse/quest/voyage by colleen houck. they a (MORE)

Books for 11 year olds?

harry potter, twilight, Percy Jackson, and maximum ride. Gregor the Overlander, The Gone trilogy, Hotel for Dogs, (definitely) The Guardians of Ga'Hool trilogy, (adapted v (MORE)