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What is year book?

The Year Book, handsomely bound for a lifetime of use, is your record of the year's current events and trends. Lavishly illustrated, the Year Book 2012 includes more than 400 (MORE)

Books for 14 year olds?

twilight by Stephanie Meyer (favorite book) The clique by Lisi Harrison ttyl by Laurenmyacle The uglies by Scott westerfeld   Answer:   The Twilight Series by Stephenie (MORE)

What are year books?

A Year in Brief section gives a month-by-month listing of the most significant world events of the year 2012. Interspersed through the year book 2012 are special reports that (MORE)

Books for 13 year old?

! If you are asking for book recommendations, I have a few (I am 14). Of course, everyone has a different sort of taste, but these are well-written, generally interesting book (MORE)

Books for 11 year olds?

harry potter, twilight, Percy Jackson, and maximum ride.       Gregor the Overlander, The Gone trilogy, Hotel for Dogs, (definitely) The Guardians of Ga'Hool t (MORE)